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  1. In Car Camera (Again)

    GPS isn't so much for knowing where you are (it'll be pretty obvious where you are at any time just by looking at the footage) but if it knows where you are, it also knows how fast you were going. So perfect for if someone hits you and then tries to claim you were speeding. I have no idea if you suggestion will work but a much simpler idea would be to connect it up to the radio ignition live.
  2. Mpg Question

    Hopefully you'll still have the receipt. It should detail how many litres you put in. Divide this by 4.54 to get the amount of gallons you out in. Then divide 525 by the gallons put in to work out your mpg.
  3. I believe it is 10 years or 120,000 miles, but the general consensus is to get it done around 70-80K. If I were you, if you're even slightly worried about it, get it done. A cambelt change is only a few hundred quid, repairing a broken cambelt would be loads more than that.
  4. Nürburgring Crash Compilation 2013

    http://www.break.com/video/ugc/man-drives-maserati-mc12-in-snow-and-crashes-342942Watch from 5:44. If you don't want to watch the rest, the guy buys a half million pound hypercar, tests it out by driving 6 hours to get to a snow covered Caldwell Park, and chucks it in the barrier. Some people don't deserve nice cars!
  5. Whining Noise: Focus Lx

    I've had an alternator go twice on my focus. The first time, it just refused to start the day after the whining began, but the second time the power steering cut out, loads of warning lights came on and then everything went dead. Speedo, lights, not even the hazard lights came on, and I had to push it to the side of the road and wait for the AA. If you have a multimeter, check the battery. It should be about 12v or so with the engine off I believe, and it should be around 14 or so volts with the engine on. If it's any less than this, or it doesn't go up with the engine running, it may be the alternator. It will be safe to drive, but beware that you may lose ALL electronic driver aids (my power steering went half way round a corner, and it caught me off-guard. Could have been VERY dangerous) and may get loads of warning lights flashing up on the dash (my handbrake warning light came on at 50mph!). This may not happen immediately - mine lasted over a week from the whining starting to the problems happening. Hope this helps and that all is resolved ASAP :).
  6. How Widespread Is This

    To add my experience, my alternator packed up and left me stranded in the middle of the road, unable to restart it. I pushed it to the side and called the AA. They were here in about 20 minutes, quickly diagnosed the alternator, and charged up the battery. He asked me where I was going (I was on the way to the garage at the time) and followed me there. No trying to sell anything, or recommending another garage. To top it all off, he was a right laugh too! Thanks to him, I wasn't anywhere near as stressed out as I could have been. Top marks to AA, there are some decent breakdown services!
  7. Focus 1.6Tdci Cutting Out

    Yes, got it back from the garage yesterday. It was the fuel filter at fault.
  8. Focus Radio Fascia

    Awesome, thanks for that :).
  9. Focus Radio Fascia

    I'm happy to attempt spraying it, but tbh, I'd want a spare one just in case I messed it up. Also, there isn't anywhere inside that I could do it, so I'd have to do it outside. And as it's winter, it might take ages to dry etc. TBH, it'll just be easier to buy a silver one already.
  10. Focus Radio Fascia

    Cheers for the reply. No, mines the rectangular one, like in the left picture with the silver fascia. I also didn't even think of selling mine on eBay *facepalm* I'll head down to my local ford stealer later then :).
  11. Focus Radio Fascia

    Hi all, I have a 2006 Focus Ghia with the 6000CD radio system. The radio surround is a horrible plastic wood-effect style, and doesn't match with any of the car. (The surround, not the radio). I have seen a few people on here with a silver surround like this: Will I be able to get one from Ford, or will I have to spray my current one? I've tried eBay, but all I seem to be able to find are Double Din conversion surrounds, which I don't believe would fit. Thanks in advance :).
  12. Yeah, I was very fortunate that my parents helped me out a bit with buying it. I'm not complaining at all! Its a ghia too so loads of gadgets. I'd love to get a Focus ST soon but my Fiancee and I want to get a small caravan as we go to quite a lot of motorsport for the weekend, and setting up a tent for one night is a pain. Unfortunately, the ST can't tow, so I'll be looking at a Golf GTi, Octavia VRs, BMW etc. To be fair, the rover was absolutely brilliant, however we wanted a more modern car that was only £30 road tax (my mum barely uses it) and, more importantly, safer.
  13. 18 To Learn To Drive

    If there's a limit, it needs to be on bhp, or even bhp/tonne. A 1.6 TDCi focus can produce just 90bhp, in a 1300kg or so body. A brand new Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost can produce 125bhp in a much lighter body. I know which one I'd rather have!!
  14. (May 2012-present) 2006 Ford Focus 1.6TDCi Ghia Hatchback. Bought with 65,000 on the clock, now on 79,000 ... Thats it lol. Previously, I'd driven my mum's 2003 Rover 25 1.4 Impression, and then her 2004 Vauxhall C**** 1.3cdti. Saving for my wedding atm, but soon after that I'm hoping to upgrade. (The car, not the wife! :P.)
  15. Engine Cutting Out While Driving!

    Is it cutting out under accelleration, or when stopped? Mine has started randomly cutting out under accelleration and I'm wondering if it's the same thing.