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  1. St-3

    That's a good price too!!
  2. Kind Of New But Not :)

    Thanks, hope so too :)
  3. St-3

    Thanks were looking forward to it, the finance deal is a no brainer, not sure if it's possible to get the same discount without the finance I didn't try, would like to try and clear it down early too we will see on that!!.
  4. St-3

    The torque steer was not present enough to make me concerned, we will get used to understanding when it does it and counter it. We won't be driving everywhere at full throttle so know it not to be an issue day to day just every now and then :) Dealwise around this from our local dealer http://www.fordretailonline.co.uk/new/ford/focus-st/st-3.aspx and we've taken finance to get another £2k in the deal too, based on that ST-2 direct should be sub £20k with no options and even with a few could still just be :)
  5. St-3

    Had a test drive in an ST-3 today. Was what we hoped it would be a compliant ride, nice sound, swift when you want it, a good all rounder, ticks many boxed nice on motorway, fun on the b roads, will get a mountain bike in the boot and would probably not mind the odd track outing if that's your thing.

 Certainly a nice ride than our current Countryman and more space :) I have to admit having read and watched a few reviews with all the talk of torque steer was expecting a handful and would get it all the time, found that drive smooth it's uneventful in that regard, even under a decent amount of throttle didn't seem as bad as the reviews say, once I'd boxed that off just concentrated on the rest of the drive, we both drive it and both really liked it, and in our opinion the blue with style pack grey wheels does look stunning. (other great stunning looking colours are also available!!)

 Looks like we should have one end of September all being well :)
  6. Kind Of New But Not :)

    Yep that does seem to be the case!!
  7. It's been some time since I've posted on here, we've not had a Ford and many things have happened etc.. Any how I've dug out the login, today we are test driving the mk3 ST-3 (both looking forward to the drivan the ST) as a car to maybe replace mrstt Countryman which we are finding a bit small and a bit harsh, we will be interested to compare the ride the ST being a hot hatch, reviews suggest a compliant ride relative to its purpose so we will see :) Will post back later tonight in the Focus bit on how we get on. Finally hello all maybe back in a Ford soon.
  8. Focus Zetec 2009 gear knob

    I've an 09 1.6 TDCI and there is no pull up reverse
  9. Focus 1.6 TDCi 110 - your views

    I've got an 1.6TDCI Zetec think it's 109 or 110 with DPF on an 09. Hope it's the same engine in the earlier ones apologies if not. I know the earlier ones have higher c/o2 so not sure if it's managment tweaks that got that down. It's a nice engine smooth and torquey, if you overtake multiple vehicles the time exposed to danger is higher than i'd like and it's the only time I've wanted more, but for general driving duties a/b roads, motorways and country lanes it's fun and nippy, the road handling to brilliant. I am really pleased with it and it's very quiet on idle and when driving. When I test drove one I was suprised at how the 1.6 drove as it's a whole heap better than expected. It's not done 2000 miles yet but getting 48 - 50 mpg and with £35 road tax should be cheaper to run than my last car.
  10. Fiesta as an alternative to a Focus?

    I've just changed from a Passat to a Focus 1.6 TDCI, I did consider the Fiesta and as Mrs TT has one, I've been able to drive it for over 1k miles I was aware of what I wanted, the only think that stopped me getting myself a Fiesta (bar the pre-reg deal on the Focus!!) was the arm room on the drivers side other than that Fiesta would have been spot on but I just wanted that little bit of extra space. The moral being have a good long test drive. We now both have 1.6 TDCI's think there is a little more BHP on the Focus but even though it isn't run in I am winning on MPG :) Don't think you could go wrong with either both great handling and driving cars.
  11. Sorry to hear of your troubles, it very frustrating when it doesn't work right and you don't feel you are getting support you need been there with a couple of cars. Good luck with getting it sorted and don't be afraid to switch dealers to get a fresh set of eyes on the issues it's under warranty so any dealer can help.
  12. My new Frozen White Mk7 Zetec S

    That looks great Rocky, the wheels looks good as they are. Bet there are some good roads around Scotland for you to run her in on.
  13. New Fiesta - Grab handles

    Our Titanium TDCi only has grab handles on the passenger side only, not sure if any of the range come with drivers side grabs, I didn't check what trying a Zetec so not sure if standard on another model.
  14. Keyless Entry + Key in Boot =

    I never thought to check in there for what might happen.
  15. Intoducing Mountune Mo (formerly zetec S Maureen)

    Looks fantastic, are you going to post the exhaust sound track or can you PM me the video would love to hear it. Mrs TT had a similar issue with racers when we had the Focus ST and the Cooper S path of the course sounds like you deal with it cooly. (appreciate that is not a word but you know what I mean I hope!) Have fun and drive careful and I bet there will be lots of trips to shops......