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  1. Dash Illumination

    Go for it mate
  2. Dash Illumination

    Thanks for the links Steve,appreciate it.
  3. Dash Illumination

    Thanks for your reply,much appreciated.Will give it a go when the weather picks up.
  4. Dash Illumination

    Cheers for the advice.Where is the best place to obtain LED's from mate?
  5. Dash Illumination

    Hi everyone.Have a small but annoying issue with my MK3's dasnboard illumination.The computer window set in the rev counter no longer illuminates,not a problem,just annoys me.Haven't looked at it yet.Does anybody know if it's an easy fix,or am I best off putting up with it?
  6. Misfire

    Just put the old Mondie up for sale.Still starts first time,just got a slightly uneven tickover.Shame cos it's still a nice car apart from that.
  7. Misfire

    Thanks for the web link mate,I'll give it a try.
  8. Misfire

    Hiya mate.Have finally got my old Mondeo back.It runs but it's not the same as it was.It's as good as it's going to get.Try and flog it now.It needs the radio code re-entering but can't ask about that on here anymore apparently.The other Mondeo is now sorted to,turns out it was just the anti-roll bar bushes.10 min job,all sorted.Happy days (for now)
  9. Misfire

    Thankful for small mercies I suppose.No news on it yet.Still waiting for this independant tech to look at it.The new one has had new drop links fitted but still makes the same knocking noise (although not as bad) told the dealer I think it needs new subframe bushes.Gonna send his mechanic round tomorrow to have another look at it.Oh what joy
  10. Misfire

    Hi mate.New mondeo is going back this week.Knocking,clunking noise from back end.The anti roll bar bushes were replaced for the MOT but that obviously wasn't the cause.Could be loose exhaust,loose strut tops or the dreaded sub frame :( No news on the other one so I'm going down there today to find out whats going on with it.Hope yours is going better than mine.Will let you know what he says.
  11. Misfire

    Hi mate.Took the plunge and brought another mondeo today.Another 1.8 but it was very local and a reasonable price.Lets hope I have more luck with this one.No news on the old one yet.!Removed! things sitting there with a full tank of petrol.Bummer.
  12. Misfire

    Hi mate.They sent the ecu back to where it was repaired to get it re-done.They tested it and said there's nothing wrong with it.He said he's going to get an independant technician to test it.I think I'll get him to put the ecu back in the car,I'll pay for that and take my car back.At least I can use it with a misfire.
  13. Misfire

    He replaced the ht leads before he was advised that the ecu could be the problem.I think the misfire is a seperate issue to the burnt valve,just unlucky I guess.
  14. Misfire

    Yes mate,bloke on his own.No warranty,bought the car somewhere else as a part ex.Don't want to spend a fortune on it coz it aint worth it but I do expect it to be fixed so I can at least use it.The time before when I paid him a visit,when he made enquiries reguarding the ecu,he did say that he'd put the oiled up plug in no 1 and it was still misfiring on number 4 and that he'd put an old coil pack on in replacement of the new one he'd fitted to see if that made a difference.I'm thinking maybe that has knackered the replacement ecu.He says he put the new coil pack back on pryor to starting the car.See what I'm up against.
  15. Misfire

    That'll be easier said than done mate.They're not the sort of people you want to argue with.I knew the bloke years ago and certainly wont be using him again.Might have to buy an old banger for a couple of hundred quid just to get me to and fro from work til it's sorted.Can't keep ponsing lifts and walking everywhere.