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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Clicking On Full Lock

    Would this also make the car juddery on pull off when cold?
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Clicking On Full Lock

    As in are they spose to make that noise or are they faulty and need fixing?
  3. Hi My 2009 1.4 Zetec Fiesta clicks on full lock going foward or in reverse left or right like sumthing is catching on the wheels. does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Thanks Andy
  4. How Do You Turn Off Auto Aircon

    Cheers, even tho I've had two fiestas before there is always something new. I find this feture quite funny as if it assumes I want clear the screen it puts the aircon on, but I have heated front screen
  5. Got a MK7 Fez 1.4 Zetec on Friday. I have noticed that everytime I turn the fan on the Aircon comes on, I turn it off but when I restart the engine it comes on again. Can I stop it turning on?
  6. Hi I'm New

    Will be nice to get behind the wheel of a Ford again, I have missed it :)
  7. Painting Parking Sensors?

    Cheers, there are standard ford ones, just not painted, will ask at my local dealer
  8. Hi, I pick up a Fiesta MK7 on friday. It has parking sensors fitted to the rear bumper that are not painted so they are black on a silver bumper. Should I paint them silver to match or leave them black? If I am to paint them does anyone have any tips on doing this?
  9. Hi I'm New

    Hi I'm Andy just px'd my 2006 Corsa SXi 1.3 CDTi 90 3 door for a 2009 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 5door. I pick the Fiesta up on Friday 10th Aug. This will be my 3rd Fiesta, had a Mk5 1.25 Freestyle and a Mk6 ST. Can't wait to get the new car was soo nice to drive on the test drive. I will never buy a Vauxhall again, was'nt a bad car, you just can't beat a Ford.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Andy R :)