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  1. Ford Audio Vs Ford Sync

    Well since I bought the car on Friday buying another is out of the question! Well thanks for the answers, looks like I'm stuck without text message reading. No great loss but would have been nice if I could have added it. The mk2 focus seemed loads easier to mod than the mk3. I was looking at adding cruise control and auto lights but it seems they are a royal pain too!
  2. Ford Audio Vs Ford Sync

    you are just the bearer of bad news! haha I have a cunning plan! I will "borrow" the stereo from my Mums and see if it works in my car. If so then it is all in the stereo... I will report back on my findings! anybody selling a sony stereo with Sync? :)
  3. Ford Audio Vs Ford Sync

    Devastated! Is the hardware just part of the stereo as I am looking at upgrading to the sony headunit. So if i can find one with Sync I should be good to go?
  4. Ford Audio Vs Ford Sync

    Controls are in the gap. I don't see any "sync" settings in the menus. I am pretty sure I don't have it at the moment but I was wondering if it is just a software update that is needed?
  5. Broken Heated Windscreen - Passenger Side

    This happened to mine, it is a terrible design as the wiper mechanism can rub on the cable and eventually just sever it. from my experience there is no fix if the cable is cut. Thankfully I developed a "chip" in my windscreen and had to get a new screen fitted on my insurance. :)
  6. Ford Audio Vs Ford Sync

    Hi Guys, I have just traded in my 57 focus ghia for a shiny 62 mk3 Zetec S and I love it with all of my heart! lol However I have a question about the bluetooth system. I have an iphone 6 and it connects fine, I can make and receive calls etc however my Mum has a 13 plate zetec and hers reads text messages. My question is how do I tell if my stereo is "sync" compatible and if it is, is it just a case of a software update at a dealer? When I search for devices on my phone it is identified as "Ford Audio" and when I open it I don't get any options for text messages. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Instrument Cluster Replacement

    Hi Jay, I have now sorted some new clocks but not had the time to try the reprogramming yet. My local dealer said they would do the final reprogramming for an hours labour if I can get all the prep work done before. As Art said when you plug the clocks in (they are a straight swap) they physically work, however the car will not start! This is where ford come in. I still intend to try this just need to the time to rewire my OBD2 reader so I can change the mileage to match my existing clocks. I think getting this to work may be a first on this forum!
  8. Mk2 Cluster And Centre Console Updates

    It isnt the same procedure from what I understand. I am not programming a new key, I am using my existing key and then programming the new cluster to communicate with the ecu. It is some sort of coding between the cluster and the ECU. This needs to be done by ford. I have spoken to my local dealer and they agreed to give it a go for an hours labour, sadly I dont think I have a guarantee of success! The only conditions they gave were that I had to have the cluster ready to remove, e.g. just unplug and that they had to see the old cluster in the car to verify the mileage matches. I have the new cluster and when it is plugged in it all works fine, all the lights etc work, the display works fine just nothing happens when I turn the key. The idea is obviously to stop people very easily clocking it by changing the cluster.
  9. Mk2 Cluster And Centre Console Updates

    I agree Stoney, there is no publicly available software out there as it would allow anyone to reprogram the immobiliser! As you can imagine that would cause somewhat of a security risk!
  10. Mk2 Cluster And Centre Console Updates

    Hi Dan, That is the strangest coincidence ever! I have just received my new cluster this morning! I had some trouble with a misleading ebay listing so that is the reason for the delay. Gonna try and fit soon and report back! the elm config is all explained in a different tutorial thread. Good bit of software but it cant do the key programming required so it is sadly a dealer job.
  11. Instrument Cluster Replacement

    I have done my scientific test and the results prove that the mileage MUST be stored on the cluster. When I reinstalled the new cluster after driving 60 odd miles it still shows the same mileage. I have contacted the seller again and he is very adamant that it came off his 29k ST and has proof. Does anyone know for certain if a ST cluster in a 1.6 car could interpret the mileage differently? Starting to wish I hadn't bothered TBH!
  12. Instrument Cluster Replacement

    Yeah my plan was to use the program to make the changes, I was aware that I could only change the mileage up that is why I went for a cluster with allegedly less miles than mine. I have a test to do to see if the seller has any leg to stand on. I took a picture of the cluster when installed now I have been driving around all week if his theory is true the mileage will be higher even though the cluster hasn't been installed! If it is not the case he is getting it back!
  13. Instrument Cluster Replacement

    Thanks stoney, I have contacted the seller again and asked for proof. He could of course take a pic of another cluster which could cause me a problem! Really disappointed because it works and looks good! Back to square one!
  14. Instrument Cluster Replacement

    Hi folks, I have decided to take the plunge and I am trying to replace my mk2 instrument cluster with a mk2.5 one. I purchased a cluster from ebay advertised with 28k miles on it, when I have attached it to my car, it is reading 49k. The confusing part is that my car only has 41k on it! The guy I bought it from has tried to convince me that the cluster gets the mileage from the ECU, it is not stored in the cluster and he claims to be able to provide proof of the 28k claim. Does anyone know if his claim is correct or not? The only thing I can think of is that the cluster is from a ST, mine is just a 1.6. Could the cluster read the ecu differently as it is from a different size engine car? Thanks
  15. my car has just developed this fault and i have removed the covers etc to find the ribbon has ripped but unfortunately it is very close to where the ribbon joins the screen so its hard to get to. can the ribbon be removed from the windscreen? has anyone had any joy out of complaining to ford? UPDATE: I thought I would chance my arm and call the company that installed my new windscreen in January this year. They are now going to replace the whole screen under warranty! HAPPY DAYS! Excellent customer service! No soldering for me this time!