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  1. Tried some breakers online no luck. Will try ringing round. My car is Ocean blue. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Need to replace my front bumper, Ford wants £380 for a painted front bumper, whereas an aftermarket one is almost half the cost at £190 painted on ebay. Which would you recommend? I have a 2009 (09) Fiesta with fog lights, will the aftermarket ones on ebay should fit ok? Thanks
  3. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I get much better mpg on dual carriageways (50mph), when I hit the motorway though it averages 60-61mpg, the rev counter is around 2.5K for 70mph and almost 3K for 80mph. Is this normal? never paid attention to revs and mpg's on my previous car (it didn't have a trip computer!) I have a 1.4 diesel, and this is based on the trip computer only
  4. Torx Screw Size For Door Latch?

    thanks will order a cheap torx bit set and see, I dont have anything larger than t30 at the moment
  5. Torx Screw Size For Door Latch?

    thanks but i''ve tried a T30 and its too small, i'm worried it might the the ribe/polydrive screw type? Want to make sure I get the right ones before I order a screw bit set
  6. Hi All, The screw holding the door latch for my drivers side has come a little loose, and I can see it move slightly when opening and closing the door. DOes anyone know what type of screw or screw bit I need to tighten it? Is it a Torx security screw? Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums m27 :)