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  1. Ford Focus Warning Light?

    Hi I have recently got a 2008 focus 1.6 tdci estate (dpf) so far so good.On the display it says luggage comp open when its not, the person who I got it from said they had a new tailgate lock fitted and the guy who fitted this said it would have to be reset? I have had the tailgate to pieces but cant see anything obvious.Ocassionally it does go out but not for long any idea,s much appreciated Thanks.
  2. Help Needed -Escort 55 1.8 Diesel Van

    hi had similer fault on a W plate turned out to be a oil leak behind clutch (crankshaft oil seal)and new clutch kit.
  3. Dash Display/luggage Comp Open?

    Hi thanks for reply, where is the switch? when tailgate is open no switch visable just locking mechanism and latch no light on and battery ok..
  4. Dash Display/luggage Comp Open?

    Hi when i switch ignition on dash display says luggage comp open? when its not any ideas thanks.. (2008 1.6tdci estate)
  5. D P F Top Up?

    Hi it is 1.6tdci focus estate (2008) Cheers...
  6. Best Oil For My Ford?

    HI I have 1.6tdci I use FORMULA F,ITS Fords own 5/30 synthetic oil .IT IS suposed to have a low ash content which suits the Tdci engines hope this helps.. :)
  7. D P F Top Up?

    Hi is it possible to check the dpf additive level yourself or is it a garage job.. The haynes manual says there is a refilling kit available? If so were would I get such a kit and how much?all suggestions apreaciated Thanks.. :) (2008 1.6 tdci Focus Estate)
  8. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone just joined, got a 1.6 tdci focus estate 2008. Hope to learn a lot from the site and hopfully contribute myself. Cheers ...Happy Camper. :)
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums happy camper :)