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  1. 2011 Mk3 Audio Update Question

    Ford only support sync now 2012 onwards, the latest ford audio update is March 2012 iirc which will already be installed
  2. Bluetooth Module

    If I can find a supplier of the pins required for the bt/vc connector I'm going to modify it to make it into a stereo loom just in case I source a newer bt unit with usb at a later date I did the same with my mic wire I removed the pins from mic connector of my patch loom and installed them into the plug in the passenger a pillar (as my titanium has the mic wire from the a pillar to the light but it stopped at the a pillar) this enabled me to use oem mic in the light
  3. Bluetooth Module

    Chw1 if you are in same boat and do not have usb. bt/vc plug end move pin 1 white wire to either 5/6 (6 is left 5 is right) and move pin 2 brown wire to pin 23 Stereo end remove brown and white from pins 1&7 of the b connector which is black on my loom Move the brown wire from pin 7 from b connector ( the black one) to c connector (the white one) pin 6 which is occupied by a black wire (from your aux port) , move the White wire from pin 1 of your b connector to either of the 2 white occupied wires in c connector pins 5&11 bridge the two to hear the sound through both sides If you have done it as I have done it, this will render your aux port useless but only through your patch cable (which is the one you are changing) if you put your car back to stock aux port will again function as the wires are all right in the cars loom. You can wire it to work with both but you would require some more pins for the bt/vc plug and some wire as you don't have enough wires to move as old mono loom has 10 wires whereas stereo loom has 14 wires You could also bridge the wires at the stereo end on the c connector to leave your aux plug working but because you have only got either the left or right sound due to lack of wires your vc and phone sound will only come out one side
  4. Bluetooth Module

    I've only got mono sound naturally because I don't have another wire in my by/vc plug, so at the stereo end I've just bridged it so sound comes from both sides. It works spot on, as all I'm using it for is phone capability since my unit does not have USB, and people want silly money for the USB version
  5. Bluetooth Module

    But because I'm good I've managed to alter my loom and it's now working ;)
  6. Bluetooth Module

    Yeah I've figured it's wrong loom :(
  7. Bluetooth Module

    JW the loom is 6s6t-14c007-ac
  8. Bluetooth Module

    do you reckon it could be done, altering the loom? Nice work on all you have done btw, have had a good look through all of your projects, very impressive!
  9. Bluetooth Module

    Even though my fw is recent and had May2008 sticker on head unit Can I modify my wiring since the unit is talking to my radio, names from my iPhone are displayed on display when I dial and my instrument cluster shows voice control etc, and the unit is actually listening to my voice it's just the sound that's missing
  10. Bluetooth Module

    Info as follows Radio - 7m5t-18c939-eb Loom - 6s6t-14c007 Module - 8m5t-19g488-af Also have 8m5t-19g488-ak but that does not let me push voice button
  11. Bluetooth Module

    I've bought the retrofit loom, mic, Bluetooth unit to fit to my 2008 facelift titanium (as wiring is not present) I have enabled voice control using elmconfig, it all works except I have no sound? How do I fix this? Mic is working as if I press voice button and say a command, e.g. Cancel it cancels and returns to the radio. I also phoned my wife and she could hear me but I could not hear her
  12. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    My 2011 has Sony system without sync
  13. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    Thought I'd re open this thread than start a new one as content is relevant I want to retro fit to my 2011 Titanium the following SYNC XENON headlights with DRL the sync module seems cheap enough and I understand I'll need the sync head unit as well but any wiring? I'm still curious about auto levelling to make the lights work as stock, so I require all 4 sensors and the module, will the foCCCus program see the module if all wired in and just a case of enabling it? Or will it have to go into ford (IF they would even entertain it) which they do not like retro fitting
  14. Anyone got these, started to buy the kit separate but cannot find the instructions
  15. Happy Birthday ukd4v1d!