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  1. A tank full of fuel and redex later has seemed to have fixed the problem! The fuel line must've been clogged up with dirt.
  2. if its any consolation my fiesta has always suffered from a shaking steering wheel at any speeds above 65mph, although it does seem to get slightly better above 80mph.. work that one out?
  3. oh okay cheers mate, it really does bother me but i guess its gonna have to be done before i sell it on or just let someone take it on a very very short test drive.... thanks again mate ill give it a shot and get back to you if its been fixed!
  4. Hi cheers for replying again. It started misfiring at all revs and was virtually undriveable. Anyway I told my dad and he said it could be the HT leads so we changed them over beacuse they were knackered but it carried on misfiring. I took it to a garage (a small one not like kwikfit who charge £30 just for checking!) and they found the spark plug were all rusted (caused by a broken seal) I was given it back and did 2 miles in it and it started again, took it back and they found nothing apart from this slight hesitation on accelerating. Now i took it out again today and it's possible to ignore it by say taking her to 3.5k revs then changing gear but if you change at 2-2.5k revs it judders, is it worth getting it sorted i dont know? its only through heavy acceleration and/or labouring engine. I must stress it is only intermitterant and before the spark plugs were replaced it was constant but again only on a warm engine.
  5. there were no issues on the computer when it was tested after the spark plugs and ht leads changed.. was it the same for you? and also was it ONLY when the car was warm?
  6. Hi can anyone help? My ford fiesta 1.25, 2000 model is misfiring at low revs. I have replaced the HT leads and spark plugs but it still misfiring at low revs and only when the engine is warm. The garage has checked it and cannot find a problem except from a slight hesitation at accelerating hard, they believe its the coil pack but cannot be sure and as its £100 it could be a waste of money. Has anyone else experienced this problem if so do you know what needs to be replaced or cleaned? Many thanks.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums andylovell :)