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  1. Hey there! I'm driving a Ford Focus 2.0TDCi 2008(facelift) Today I got the ELM modified and I played with it a lot! I updated the Instrument Cluster and now I have the Eco Mode, but I don't have the green arrow, I only have the red one :( Is there a way to activate it somehow? I also activated the Auto Lock feature to 10kph and played with all the other featured. I want to thank you everybody for this topic! It's very useful! Cheers!
  2. Old St Or New?

    I hate the look of the new focus, so I vote for the old one too!
  3. My Focus Mk2.5 Saloon

    I'm really glad you like it. Lenny - I've put them on the original headrests. They don't look like original, but at least the original material is on them, most of the aftermarket ones, are leather. Paddy H - It's not so hard, you have to unscrew 5 screws and than a bit of pulling and it's out. I'm want to paint the roof black. What do you think? And also I'm looking for sideskirts from an ST on a good price. I'm actually buying almost everything from the UK, because you can find a lot more bargins on your eBay than everywhere else. Cheers!
  4. K&n Filter For 2012 Focus Zetec S

    If your is round, then thats the right part number!
  5. My Focus Mk2.5 Saloon

    Hello there! I'm not from the UK but I like your forum so I decided to show you my car. You don't have this model in the UK after the facelift. It's a Ford Focus Saloon Facelift 2.0 TDCi Ghia. I have it from 4 years and I love it. Hope you like it too. What I did: Xenon retrofit Chromed mirrors Navi system K&N air filter Screens at the back Rear view camera Eibach springs(lowering 30mm) 18" wheels from Mondeo(they are a bit thiker) Carbon fiber vinyl wrap on the dash ST front bumeper Tinted back windows This is how it looked like, when I bought it (except the left chrome mirror :D ) And this is how it looks now:
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Sako :)