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  1. I have a New Fiesta Titanium with keyless entry. The fobs have a key inside the fob but when i insert them into the lock the car does not unlock. It only seems to activate the Double locking. Has anyone but the same problem?

  2. On the passenger side should the seat letting someone into the back seat return to the position set by yourself be remembered. I am finding that it is locking when fully back. I have noticed a plastic runner with teeth on the drivers side on the inside of the metal runner but not the passengers.

  3. I am going to by Autoglym alloy cleaner as well as the sealant, but there is 2 to chose from depending on the type of ally wheel finish. I have a New Fiesta titanium with the standard wheels that come with it. Does anyone know what the finish would be. Example being chrome, lacquered, polished aluminium, anodised, chromium, painted and plastic trimmed wheels. Or is there any other cleaners and sealents that are better?

  4. Hi, thought i'd open a can of worms. I would like to know your opinions on the best brand of fuel that i should be using on my new fiesta. All the usual leaflets and stuff that come with the car recommend BP. So what do you think. I am using Sainsburys at the mo.

  5. Aaaah, useless tossers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ford have sent the right car up apart from the trim is Fairland and not Soho and my stupid dealer accepeted the car off the transporter so now it's Evans Halshaws fault and not Ford UK. The dealer doesn't look that bothered about the whole thing. :angry::angry: and is prepared to give me my deposit back. !Removed!! I've been looking forward to the car for 6 weeks and now it's the wrong car.

    I wonder what Evans Halshaw could offer me to keep the Fairland? I bet I'd be a lot less than Ford UK could have offered if it was Fords mistake but not it isn't as the dealer accepted the car.

    Gutted and angry. :angry:

    Hi, which evan halshaw was yours from. Mine will be coming from English Ford Poole.

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