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    Focus Loosing Power

    Hi, I have a 1.6 tdci focus, lately after about 5/10mins of driving in really cold weather if I pull off from lights or a round about it looses power as I change into second! To the point were I pull over and it stalls. It starts straight back up and 9 times out of 10 it runs perfectly after that, once it did it again straight away but then drove great. Just before this started happening I had the alternator changed by a friend that knows a bit about cars (I haven't told him about this just incase its him who broke it and he did me a huge favour so don't want him feeling bad). He removed a peice of kit that sits just above the alternator that has a few air hoses connected to it and I swear 1 of them had a little split. I can take a pic of this part in the morning as its dark now. To help the only way I can explain the problem is like when you used to have a manual choke on old cars and you left it out for too long and it hesitates!? Hope this helps. Thanks a lot if you can help!!
  2. MattBloomfield

    Focus Loosing Power

    No I haven't actually but I can do tonight. I'll post the results on here with a pic of the part I'm talking about.
  3. MattBloomfield

    Mk 2.5 58 - Retrofit Bluetooth & Usb Questions

    Hi nick, just wondering how your getting on with your retrofit Bluetooth kit, I have a 08 focus titanium and want to do the same thing, I pulled the glove box out and I have the same plug as you, I have the correct interior light housing for the mic but haven't looked behind it yet. Just thought I'd see how you was getting on and if you have any tips. Thanks mate
  4. MattBloomfield

    Retrofit Bluetooth / Voice Control.

    Hi Richie, I'm lookin at retro fitting Bluetooth into my 2008 focus titanium. I have the Sony mp3 head unit already. How do I know what USB module I need? I'm looking on eBay but there seems to be different serial numbers on them? Do I need a perticular one to match my car? And how would I know if the wiring loom is already in my car? Thanks mate
  5. MattBloomfield

    A Few Questions About My Focus Titanium 2008 1.6 Tdci

    Hi guys, Thanks again for all of your replys, just an update I haven't had the chance to look at the rear dead lock yet but I think I'll try taking the panel off and drilling out the rivets on the metal panel as I have a rivet gun to replace it, least I can have a look and see wheat I'm up against. I've looked online and found the list of things I have to do to turn on the auto locking, it's just a matter of turning the key and locking and unlocking the doors a few times, hopefully it works. As for the stereo I've looked on a couple of other posts and they mention "retro fitting" which involves a Bluetooth module and a wiring loom (if it not fitted already) so hopefully that sorts it!, Also my dimming mirror works fine, I shined a torch on it and it goes a dark bottle green colour. Thanks again guys
  6. Hi guys and girls, I've just purchased a focus titanium 1.6 tdci 2008 and have a few questions to ask and thought this would be the best place to start. Firstly there is a terrible noise coming from the rear passenger door when I double lock it and was wondering what it is, I'm pretty good with my hands so was going to try and fix it myself (with your advice) rather than getting ripped off at a garage. Is there a way to make the doors lock as I start driving? It's just that my girlfriends old car did and she feels a bit safer when she's driving it on her own. Lastly and most importantly I've got the Sony cd player in it which is lovely but I'm not sure it's Bluetooth compatible? It's got the green/red phone buttons on it, a actual button saying phone and 9 number keys at the top, even the # & * keys(I guess so you can dial a number) but I can't work out how to set it up?? Ay answers would be much appreciated Thanks Matt
  7. MattBloomfield

    A Few Questions About My Focus Titanium 2008 1.6 Tdci

    Thanks so much for your fast replys guys!! I read online that I could be the dead lock mechanism, might have to have a look at the weekend and see how brave I am!! As for the stereo, it is the single cd version (no DAB either) is it possible just to buy a module then if I get the right one?? Seeing as you guys replied so quick there's one more question, I have a auto dimming rear view mirror which I've never had before?? It just seems dim all the time? I've got tinted rear windows so maybe it that? But there's no lights on it or anything to show that it's on or anything, should there be?? Thanks alot guys.