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  1. Leak No More

    well the dreaded injector leak is no more not too bad a job just very very mucky my advice .. in hind sight photograph everything every nut bolt screw and wiring connector also plug the injector clamp bolt holes while cleaning when the injectors are out ... bits of rubbish down there are a nightmare to get out all in all did it slowly over 3 days but the job itself is not that bad :)
  2. Ive Lost A Sensor Wire !!! Help

    D'oh stupid .... socket on the bottom of the air box is a dummy problem solved
  3. putting the car back together after fixing the leaky injectors and I seem to have lost a sensor wire wondering if someone would be good enuff to trace it back for me so I can find it again I think I have the right one going to the bottom of the airbox ( grey plug) but there is a sensor on top of the airbox that seems to have a vacuum pipe running over to the timing belts but for the life of me I cannot find the wiring plug for it however the grey plug wire is long enuff to reach the sensor .. so I am wondering if its the wiring at the bottom of the airbox i cannot find and if i have this one crossed over can anyone help pls :(
  4. got it off with a bit of leverage no wonder it was solid o rings are encrusted in carbon .. what a mess
  5. Hola new to the forums my mum has a 1.4tdi 2007 and its got the dreaded leaky injector fault so I have it half way ( well more than that stripped down ) but the engine cover seems to be locked in firm .. all the bolts are out including the back ones and I am a bit brute force and am a little worried I am going to damage this now as I understand it it has the inlet manifold o rings on it and I am assuming that this is whats locking it on anyone any advice on how to free these up a bit or is it just a case of persistent rocking to get them off or something has anyone got a trick to doing this
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums t5tart :)