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  1. Insuring A Focus Titanium 1.5 EcoBoost 150bhp.

    I've just insured mine focus 2011 1.6 petrol tit x..i'm 52 9yrs no claims.£290 from the RAC that's with 2 extra drivers on the policy at full comp.
  2. Front clunking noise

    Same as my old car,turned out to be a broken spring.
  3. New battery.

    Thanks for the info guys. have bought a Bosch S4 E07 . Thanks again..
  4. New battery.

    Thanks for all the info guys, very helpful. iantt, the exide efb 100 in europarts is 65ah and 650a, mines only 60 and 590. is it to powerfull?
  5. New battery.

    That's it. yes an ecoboost model.
  6. New battery.

    Ah forgot to say,, yes it has.
  7. New battery.

    Hi, Thanks for your answer.The battery i was going to get is a Duracell DA62H advanced from eurocarparts, but after what you have said i don't think it would work. The bosch battery they have is a S5 but it's 63a and 610a but that might be a bit to power full for the car. Cheers.
  8. New battery.

    Guys,Quick question. 60 Ah 595a battery on my car (1.6 petrol focus, 2011) could i put a 62 Ah 600a battery on it. Many thanks.
  9. Tyre Pressure Monitor Inhibits Tyre Rotation?

    I just hold down the reset button on the stalk for a few seconds and its all done.
  10. Fuel gauge problem.

    Thanks guys, the manual and i was told there is a 55 ltr tank on the focus's. Problem i have is on a 90 mile trip, (according to the gauge) i'm using 3 galls of fuel. Which i find a bit extreme as i hardly go over 60 mph... I know the gauges are nothing to rely on, but the clock show i'm getting 46 mpg. When i topped up it was to the first click on the nozzle Thanks again for any help.
  11. Fuel gauge problem.

    Quick question,does anyone think there is a problem with my fuel gauge or sender. I only put 45 ltrs in and the gauge went from empty (nearly) to full. Thanks in advance...
  12. Brakes difference between Zetec S and Tit X

    Discs all round on my tit x 1.6 petrol 2011..
  13. Fuel gauge faulty ??

    Guys,What is your thought on this.I filled the tank up,then drove the car down to when the gauge showed just over half full. So went to fill it up again to full tank,but it only took 18 ltrs. Thanks in advance..
  14. What Dash Cam.

    Thanks everyone for your info,I'll have to delve into it a bit more,but I'm going to get a front and rear camera with a parking mode.Cheers guys...
  15. What Dash Cam.

    Thanks Dee,never thought of getting one with parking mode.There are so many cameras out there at the moment,it's difficult to JUST PICK ONE, be better to get front and rear i suppose,I'll have to squeeze the funds a bit more lol.Thanks again..