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  1. Fiesta St News

    Finally saw an ST in the flesh today, and got to sit in it. Had a demonstrator ST at hodson's in penkridge, molten orange ST 2. Seats were excellent, and liked the feel of the 6 speed gearbox. Wasn't keen on the colour, must be honest, but tempted to book a test drive... :-)
  2. Bank Holiday Detail Of My S1600

    Cheers for the comments guys! On a sunny day when it's gleaming, I love the wheels. On a wet day, especially after a longish drive, they get covered in brake dust so quickly that it is really annoying, but I can put up with it! Looking forward to test driving an ST when my local dealer has one in!
  3. As the title suggests i spent a bit of time this morning getting the S1600 looking super shiny in the bank holiday sun! I used the method below: -Prewash using Jetwash, then pump sprayer with Autobrite (AB) Citrus Wash, left to soak then jet washed off. -Washed using AB luxury suds and washmitt, -Dried using AB big fluffy drying towel and Autoglym Aqua wax. -Any tar removed with AB Tar and Glue remover 'Just the Tonic'. Simply spray on, wait and gently rub spots, works so well! Luckily not to much on the car, although i do find i have to remove tar on a regular basis, must be the OCD! :) - 1 Layer of AG Super Resin Polish. - Any dust created removed with quick once over with AG Rapid detailer. - 1 Layer of AB spray sealant called 'Project 32'; such a fantastic product, quick, easy and gives outstanding shine and protection. - Tyres dressed with AG Instant Tyre Dressing, not my favorite, but all i had available. -Interior was only done a couple of weeks ago, so just dusted and quickly hoovered. The Results! Still really enjoying the car, had it over 12 months now, and with 13,000 miles on the car just feels better and better! Its only the wheels that are a bit of a nightmare, never clean for long, although i have used some wheel wax in them which helps keep the brake dust level down considerably! Thanks for Looking.
  4. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    I'm really getting tempted by seeing pics and reviews of the new ST on the forum! Would really want to test drive first though. I love my s1600, it's been a cracking car for the last 12 months, so if its as good as that but with better handling and power the ST must be ace! 😀
  5. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    I'm really getting tempted by seeing pics and reviews of the new ST on the forum! Would really want to test drive first though. I love my s1600, it's been a cracking car for the last 12 months, so if its as good as that but with better handling and power the ST must be ace! 😀
  6. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Just seen a white ST this morning out on the road, first one I've see in the flesh, in white, looked ace!
  7. Had It's First Clean Today

    Looks great mate, the red comes up so nice, beautiful shine and gloss. Going to get mine washed and polished tomorrow, bit of a spring clean! I always loved car cleaning, don't ask my why lol I find it really therapeutic! 😀
  8. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    My s1600 was in for its 1st service today, so enquired with the dealer about an ST. They said there would be no chance of a test drive without buying! He said they are as rare as 'hens teeth' and dealers are fighting over them. If I ordered one tomorrow, it wouldn't arrive till mid may at the very earliest, although it would probably be longer apparently.
  9. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    I think that's a fair point, demand must be high, and I guess good things come to those who wait... 😉
  10. Need New Tyres S1600/metal/zetec S

    Just checked my front tyres, whilst washing the car, just like Marc1, my fronts are not far off needing replacing, I've done just over 11,000 miles. Didn't realise how worn they were, but I've noticed the car following the camber of the road a bit more, and wandering a bit, with the worn tyres that makes sense!!
  11. Need New Tyres S1600/metal/zetec S

    I've been quite happy with the Bridgestones on my s1600, how many miles have you done marc1 before needing new front tyres?? I had continentals on my old mini, also low profile 17" and found they didn't wear very well. Also small point but the Bridgestones wear tyre 'black/ tyre dressing really well, the continentals never did, never looked that black.
  12. New Zetec-S This Saturday!

    Looking great!! Enjoy it 😀
  13. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    I think that spirit blue looks fantastic. Would love to see that in the flesh. Getting more and more tempted by an ST, after seeing the pics and reading all the reviews.... My S1600 is due it's 1st service in a few weeks, might speak to the dealer about avaibility etc
  14. The New St

    From the pics in the autoexpress magazine, it's definitely got cruise control, on the opposite side of the steering wheel to the audio controls. No sign of parking sensors though. Interestingly in the magazine it says it only comes in blue, red and 'the same orange as on the focus ST' which clearly is not the case!
  15. The New St

    Reviews of the new ST are very positive, I am certainly going to consider one, when I'm looking to change cars, but then wondering whether to go for focus ST instead...