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  1. smax tdci intermittent starting issue

    My 57 plate Smax had this problem. After numerous RAC call outs it was established to be a air leak into the low pressure side of the fuel system. After a sneeky interrogation of the local ford workshop manager, he suggested to 'start' with a new diesel filter housing. In my case this fixed the long ongoing issue.
  2. Zero Fuel Pressure - Possible Causes?

    Garage still cant detect it, reffered me to a specialist auto diesel centre. Things can only get worse, looks like an injector is playing up as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Zero Fuel Pressure - Possible Causes?

    Smax is booked in for next week, um one of my issues that I identfied is parking facing up a gradient.!!!! (when the fuel drains back into the tank) Sounds if you got a bigger problem, one thing, have you got any fuel leaks from the fuel lines? i havent
  4. Zero Fuel Pressure - Possible Causes?

    Hi Surfless I'm going thro a simular problem with my S Max. After a number of visits to the garage, who I hold in regard, and after a number of RAC call outs, the conlusion is an intermitant air leak in the low pressure side of the fuel system. Trying to find the problem is like finding the Holy Grail.
  5. I Hate My Smax :(

    Hi all Regarding the rear suspension bush, I had a trailing arm front bush changed, not sure ifits the same, sounds the same, parts 59 quid and 2 hrs labour plus vat 178 quid. Talking about MOTs just failed with 3 tyres, insufficient tread, when theres 3 to 4 mil tread, the storm has just began
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums BAD DOG :)