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  1. Happy Birthday Moses-cuz!

  2. Been A While Since Posting. New Interior Sprayed!

    Yeah i think it may have been you who done te youtube video. Originaly i re sprayed them all a sort of mettalic dark grey but hated it thought it looked aweful. So i went for the completw oppisite end of the scale and it looks awesome. Dont think theres much else i can do with the car now. Probably front grill and fogs in gloss black when i can be bothered and rear window tints. Then i think my list is complete.
  3. Been A While Since Posting. New Interior Sprayed!

    Here are the pics. Looks realy great at night when i open the door and my red lights come on. Hope you all like
  4. Havent posted for a while but have had some stuff done since. All my interior trim (door handles, vent surrounds, radio surround, steering wherl plastic and even the grey plastic around the screen on the top of dash) have been resprayed gloss white instead of (in my opinion) the cheap looking silver. Very pleased with the look i think it looks more up market i suppose ha. Also had my two front alloys refurbed (bad kerb damage). Will get some pics up tomorrow as i just cleaned the car earlier today and its lookin tip top! Im hoping to upgrade the speakers at some point and get a dvd/gps for where the display screen alredy is. If anyone knows of any models let me know. Ive seen some but there all foreign so im not to sure what the crack is. Cheers.
  5. Ocd Car Detailing

    Im obsessed with clean too. Mainly the inside for me tho. I dont go as far as washing the car every week but it will get a wipe down with a detailing spray once a week or more then when it really needs a proper clean i take it to my local detailer. Never lets me down.
  6. I pay over 2k insurance for mine without mods declaired haha. Lucky to have a well payed job i guess
  7. And despite my mods im a very careful driver. May look to the eye because the way my car looks im a speed demon and drive like an idiot but i cant stand people speeding and driving like tools lol. Questions/rant over haha.
  8. Im only 20 so my insurance is very high for my s1600 just dont understand why a bit of fiberglass can justify a 2000 quid premium increase lol. Any recomendations on insurane companies that insure modufied cars for around the same price as the original car. I understand the induction kit maybe adding a bit to the price (even tho it diesnt do much bit give me a nice sound) but the splitters are purely cosmetic and i have plans to tint windows and re spray the interior trim. Do things like spraying the interior even have to be declared? Thanks again.
  9. Why does my insurance premium go up on go compare by 2000 quid just for having a front splitter added to the car and an induction kit that adds almost no performance what so ever? Ha. I find the prices so rediculous that i havent declared my mods. So in the event of a crash theyd most likely not want ti pay up. Why is this? The mods are worth no more that 300 quid i could easily pay for the repair myself. Thanks
  10. My Fiesta S1600 (134) Slightly Pic Heavy

    Im getting the interior silver trim sprayed soon so its a lit more darker mettalic grey/charchoal ish colour
  11. My Fiesta S1600 (134) Slightly Pic Heavy

    Im getting the interior silver trim sprayed soon so its a lit more darker mettalic grey/charchoal ish colour
  12. My Fiesta S1600 (134) Slightly Pic Heavy

    Looks great. I like how your exhaust is flush in the diffuser. Whoever fitted mine before i bought it clearly couldnt be bothered to do that lol.
  13. Fly Eyes Fitted

    The scalpel that comes with them is realy sharp so watch the paintwork when cutting ha.
  14. Fly Eyes Fitted

    Yeah ill take some other pics when i can. I thought about doing that myself and id say yeah if you can find a way to keep them still while doing it. Just cause you have to pull with a bit of force in parts because of the slight curve and might be arkward with it not being held in place. Buy a 30x100 spare and have a practice run.