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  1. Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Se Missfire And Engine Warning Light

    Got the oil mopped up, and cured the leak with the faithfull old loctite flange sealant that i always have in my box . Problem was still no better and i diagnosed it down to being the coil, after an hour on the phone i finally found a scrapyard open sundays for a coil, so its now back up and runing (until the 2nd hand coil packs up!) Thanks, James
  2. Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Se Missfire And Engine Warning Light

    Thanks for your reply, Im gona have a look in today. Do you reckon the plugs will have been knackered or reuseable? Im not being tight i dont mind buying new ones, its just i have an assessment at college first thing tomorrow so getting it going for then is a necessity!!! Thanks again for your advise, James
  3. Just coming home from work today my 51 reg Fiesta zetec se 1.25 engine magagement light came on flasing. As well as this the engine sounds like it is missfiring and is down on power. On removal of plug caps to see which cylinder(s) it is missing on. I noticed the plughs where surrounded by engine oil. You cant see the nut part of the plugh you put a spanner on. Also the engine sounds no different whichever leads are removed. If anyone could give any advice it would be much appreciated, James
  4. Electric Radiator Fan - 51 Reg Fiesta

    I finally got round to doing starter on the fiesta and wile i was under there i had a quick look at my overheating issue which is that the fan wont kick in. So i disconnected the fan an direct wired it to a seperate 12 volt battery and there was nothing. Is this fan a serviceable item or is it time for me to be buying a new fan? Thanks, James
  5. 51 Reg Fiesta Starting Issue

    I was going to give that a try before spending money on new bits so ill go for it nothing lost from giving it a go. Thanks for the reply, James
  6. 51 Reg Fiesta Starting Issue

    Hi, im a new member so please go easy ;) I own a 51 reg 1.25 zetec fiesta that every now and then (but getting more often!!!) the starter doesnt engage (grinds), or engages for a second then disengages, or doesnt engage (or grind) Has anyone experienced anything like this and does anyone know what it may be? I am into restoring old tractor (bit of a difference i know) so i know how starter, soleniod etc work and how to go about replacing. I have known the car since new and has never had the battery, starter etc touhed. If anyone could give me a bit of help diagnosing it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, James
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums JamesVintageTractors :)