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  1. Good Morning, Hope everyone is well, So I have owned a mk4.5 2.0ltr 140 mondeo for over a year it has 13K on the clock, returning from offshore one trip took the car out for a run, after about 20-30 minuets of driving I pulled over and noticed their was a ticking sound coming from the foot well of the passenger side of the car, lifted the bonnet but could not hear it over the engine idling but when back inside you could, it gets faster on revving the engine then returns back to a slow tick on idle, its only happened twice in the last few month and only when the engine is at temperature, hopefully someone has had the same experience before it get put to the garage to investigate, Thanks Grant
  2. ..

    Finally get my snow foam lance to fit and what great fun it is still trying to get the mixture right using meguiars hyper wash, get piece of kit Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. My New Graphite Mondeo

    Thanks for the comments we'll pleased with the car the engine is amazing it pulls all the time and it's so effortless, looking forward to when the mk5 comes out Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  4. My New Graphite Mondeo

    My dealer had been looking for a one year old tit x for me but they were looking for silly money the when I saw this it was perfect ,but less all the toys Sent from my iPad using Ford O
  5. 1Lt Ecoboost 125Bhp Or 1.6 125Bhp Engine

    Hi I owned a 1.6 125 mk3 focus titanium for over 15 months and it was a great car size, comfort , driving fun the engine is good cursing no problem at one point I was getting over 50mpg on a good run with 10K on the clock. But if you wanted to over take you had to be on it and really use the rev band if you were in the wrong gear below 2k the engine was dead. But don't get me wrong it is not slouch bit I drove a 1.0 ecoboost fiesta and it's the best fun ever such a punchy car. Hope it helped Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  6. Few pictures of my Mondeo picked it up from our dealer in Shetland 3 weeks ago 33 miles on the clock, only went in to get my Mk3 focus sat nav looked at and came out with this. Great family car and great fun to drive. After some serious cleaning the colour really looks nice .
  7. Have not posted in a while but needing some advice. When returning from offshore my satnav started displaying a error message something like this "car not on road car is off map please insert appropriate SD card with required maps" in the bottom of the screen it also displays "No GPS" . The car did have a faulty window screen and water was entering the window at the top and water was getting in this was over 6 months ago. The car is booked into the garage at the end of the month. Has any one had any experience of this.
  8. Just looking for some advice, as my family is now growing i am looking for a bigger car and bigger boot, i am planning to do a lot of driving holidays and am thinking of going from having a petrol car to diesel. What is the best diesel engine available at the moment 140,160,200+ Hp.
  9. I use Meguiars hot rims
  10. wondering if anyone has some advice on how to clean and protect their locking wheel nuts from surface rust. was washing the car the other day and noticed that their was some surface rust starting to appear on the locking nuts. :)
  11. Great Start To The New Year

    its costly like just for the few seconds it takes for the gritter to past. its handy when you know a man who knows a man to get things sorted. my fiesta got bashed 2years ago and the person drove off right in the front arch went to the body shop and its was crazy money.spoke to a mate and it only cost a case of beer and the pot of paint,lol
  12. Great Start To The New Year

    that's terrible what happened to you. i was so annoyed i have only had the car a matter of months the air in the car was a tad on the blue side when it happened as was likely your's when the gritter went past.
  13. Smeary Windscreen

    i'm the same i use vinegar and clean the blades when i remember.
  14. Had a great start to the new year driving to the airport when a lovely stone decided to have a fight with the edge of my windscreen and won resulting in a 6inch crack now moving nicely along the windscreen. Auto Glass are the boys everything sorted with one phone call and £75 excess. Has anyone had any mishaps lately that could have been without.