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  1. I'm sure you will all be pleased to know that I have fixed this fault. I multimetered the aerial, and that was OK. I couldn't think what else to do so I put the radio back, and it worked! Beats me.
  2. Thank you Peter, at last a response. I'll have a go today.
  3. Can anybody help me with advice as to how to remove the trim fixed to the rear hatch? I need to find a way to fix my rear number plate, as the captive nut has disappeared.
  4. I bought a 2002 Mondeo Mk3, and I love the way it drives.
  5. Hi, I've just bought a Mondeo and found that it will not pick up FM programs. I thought the aerial had come adrift, so pulled the unit out, and found the aerial is connected and is OK at both ends. The CD player works OK, but all I get from the radio is the hiss that usually means no aerial. Can this be corrected, or do I need a new radio?
  6. Hi, I've just joined the forum, having just bought a Mondeo TDCi 2002. How can you tell if my car has a Diesel Particulate Filter?
  7. Hi, I've just bought my first Ford for over 40 years. I'm impressed with the improvements in that time. I'm also impressed with the way the Mk 3 drives. Mind you, my last vehicle was a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee! No doubt questions will follow.