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  1. gstevens26

    2000 St200 Clutch Help

    Thanks guys. tried Pentland but they can't do anything. Will try Euro tomorrow and the other suggested one.
  2. I need some help regarding the clutch on my 2000 ST200.. I'm looking for a replacement so need the clutch kit and the concentric slave. I wondered if anyone has any experience of the ones on ebay? I've found the above kit (minus the slave) and have contacted them about it, they have checked it against my reg and they say it will fit but I think their system just brought up 2.5 mondeo and believe the ST200 has a different clutch to the standard 2.5 mondeo's so I'm dubious as to whether it will actually fit. Has anyone ever used a kit off ebay and if so can anyone advise or point me in the right direction for the correct parts at a reasonable price not Ford rip off prices!! Any help is greatly appreciated as I really need to get my car back on the road asap...
  3. gstevens26

    Mondeo St200 Clutch

    Hi. The clutch is going on my 2000 st200. I took it off the road because I couldn't afford to get it fixed but now want to get it going again. I've got a contact that will fit any clutch for £120 labour as long as I supply the parts but I'm struggling. I've looked on eBay and there are that many kits that say they will fit the car but after speaking to ford they say that it has a different clutch to any other Mondeo ever made so I'm very wary. Ford want around £400+ for the parts which I basically don't want to pay.. Does anyone have any experience of this? Can anyone advise what exactly I will need to get as I believe I need to get a concentric slave too. Can anyone point me in the right direction for reasonably priced parts too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi guys. My wife has just bought a 2004 sport KA and has found that the spotlights dont work. When the button to turn them on is pressed no light comes on to show that it's activated so not sure if there is any issues with the bulbs. Thought it might be a fuse but I don't have a manual to refer to so don't know which fuse to check. Can anyone tell me which fuse it would be or advise on anything else that could be causing the problems.. Thanks
  5. gstevens26

    Help... Clock Led

    Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and hoping someone can help me. My wife has a 2000 Fiesta Finesse 1.3 which i was driving home from work yesterday. It had been raining heavily and I had to go some very deep ford like puddles which stretched accross the road. I made it through them all and got home without any hiccups. My wife then took the car out and again had to go through some of these ford like puddles. When she got home she said that the temperature light came on shortly whilst she was driving. I Took the car out again to see if it was ok and no lights came on although a large rattle has started when turning the car on and when hitting bumps etc which i hope is just something loosened by the large puddles, maybe the exhaust rattling.. Anyway, that's another issue... I checked the engine bay and all looked fine, didn't appear to be anything out of place so I left it. I have driven it to work today and noticed that the little red LED to the right of the clock is flashing when accelerating and slowing down. It flashes slowly and builds up to a solid light when accelerating and flashes fast and slows down to a solid light when stopping. It only does this up to about 20 mph and back down again.. Can anyone advise what this means??? I did notice a light flickering on the dash board at one point when I was slowing down but not sure if it was the battery light or the temp light but it never happened again so couldn't confirm.. I'm worried water has got in somewhere and is causing an issue.. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums gstevens26 :)