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  1. Ford Metal Mountune?

    Try it lol make sure you put some pics on when you do it would look sweet!
  2. Ford Metal Mountune?

    Thats what i thought about the bumper i was sure the zetec S had it but one of the sales men was more than adamant that they didn't, as for the spoiler you still have to buy it extra if you buy the kit from mountune, It doesn't come in the kit as standard
  3. Ford Metal Mountune?

    Hi, just a quick question. Is the Ford Fiesta Metal basically a Zetec S with the lowest Mountune Kit on? Just got me wondering as i nipped to Ford today to sign a few final documents and had a look at my car whilst i was there and when i started it up, it sounded really impressive. Also it has the Mountune front bumper with the splitter on rather than the Zetec S bumper.
  4. welcome to the forums mate, car looks great! Yh the spoiler is an add on from mountune worth about £140 so you dropped lucky really. i have my metal on order, i pick it up on the 1st September have a look on my profile at the topic i posted last week you might learn a few things about the car that people have posted. :D
  5. My New Fiesta Metal

    Thanks for the replies guys will take some better pics when i pick it up, hopefully it will be a nice sunny day unlike today!
  6. My New Fiesta Metal

    Nipped to polar ford today unfortunately the keys were locked up in the service department which doesn't open on weekends but i still managed to take a few pics:
  7. My New Fiesta Metal

    Thanks for all the replies guys, i'm popping up to polar ford tomorrow as i know its in stock so if i can i will get some snaps and upload them tomorrow at some point :)
  8. My New Fiesta Metal

    Yh i have my quote all set up and ready to go with elephant, im looking at £2400
  9. My New Fiesta Metal

    yh im on ford options aswell and the sales guy told me that i should be in a good position in about 9 months in terms of the equity i would have to put into my next car. I was looking at going for the ST aswell in about 9 months just depend on how much the insurance would change as im only 19!
  10. My New Fiesta Metal

    Yh i know its a good feeling when you can add options and your not getting charged for them lol
  11. My New Fiesta Metal

    Hi mate thanks for the reply, i pick it up on the 1st september cant wait lol and yes i will be sure to upload some pics. I managed to get some money off it, thanks to my mate who works at ford so i got it for 14,500 rather than 16,600.
  12. My New Fiesta Metal

    Hi guys, i just created my account on here and decided to create this post! I ordered my fiesta metal last week and fell lucky that one had been made ready for the new 62 plates with all of the options that i wanted. This saved me a 4-5 month wait which i was more than happy with! A friend of mine works at my local polar ford and sent me a text yesterday telling me that it had been delivered, he also sent me a picture.(I will upload when i get a chance) So i was just wondering if anybody had any info on the Fiesta Metal, or if anyone has one already how good are they etc and are they worth the extra money from the Zetec S? Thanks.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums metaljordan :)