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  1. Hello... Again

    Hi guys and girls, Have been absent from the site for a long while so thought id introduce myself again names Steve Barnes, but you can all call me Barnsey as according to the email I received regarding the latest meet I'm not the only Steve Barnes here... :D Drive:- Brand new '11 plated Fiesta Zetec S in Frozen White with all the bells and whistles! Mods:- Nothing at the moment waiting for funds to get the Mountune MR155 upgrade! About me:- I love all fords, to me it's the only car manufacturer for me! Always have and always will drive a Ford, just waiting for the New Fiesta ST to debut and will probably get that as I'm not keen on the new Focus ST - unless a 3 door will be made - then I'm stuck!! That's all from me....
  2. Mk 7 Air Con

    Hi Guys and Girls, Not been on in awhile, please excuse the absence.... Whilst I have been away, I picked up an '09 plated 5 Door Fiesta Mk7 1.4TDCi Zetec in Panther Black with Bluetooth/USB... and a very nice car it is however, (and this may seem like a stupid question) When I turn my fan on (either hot or cold) it seems my air conditioning comes on automatically... I spoke to a couple of friends who reckon this is normal, just wanted to check before I seem like a complete idiot by phoning my dealer.... any/all help appriciated Barnsey
  3. Keyless Entry and Start

    Thanks for your views guys, much appriciated. With regards to the extras, i have saved up enough pennies to splash out on every possible additon for the car, even the pointless ones such as illumiated gear knob and door sills. my dealer reckons he can have me in it by the 'and i quote' 17th September :o
  4. Keyless Entry and Start

    Hi Guys hopefully you can help, I am about to order the New Titanium 1.6 TDCi in time for the '59 plates to arrive. However, i want to know from people who have it, whats its like to live with the keyless entry and POWER button. How does the system work? Do you feel safe leaving the car, when its locked? Is it the same as the BMW where you 'plug' the fob in like an old PS2 memory card, or simply scan it like an Oyster Card? How does it lock itself and unlock?? And when you have finished with the car do you just push the button and lock the car?? Is there a back-up system like convention remote keys on the reverse? or a key thats used? does it all have to be locked via keyless or is there a normal remote that can be used in conjunction?? thanks
  5. Mo is having a bit of cosmetic surgery

    Wow, is that the total for all the windows £60?? Where do you guys go? Cheapest I have been quoted is £150 for the lot..... feel like im being ripped off
  6. Race for Life

    Michael, There is actually a car rally in aid of charity which I am partaking in this year and urge everyone to do. Its called the Sucata Run (www.sucatarun.com) and you drive an old banger from Normandy to Lisbon. There is only 2 rules: 1. the car must cost no more than £250 (those valued over this - will not be eligible for the prizes) and 2. raise a minimum of £1000 for gemin-i.org If anyone feels nice enough to sponsor me link is below (sorry to jump on the bandwagon Michelle :D):- www.justgiving.com/teammattandsteve Michelle, Congratulations... it will be an experience none the less. I PROMISE to sponsor you as soon as I get paid....how does £5 sound?? Barnsey
  7. Interior Lights Mk6 facelift

    don't suppose you have any pics of it do you?? I have brought some LED's off Ebay (£3 so if wrong not bad loss) Just wanna know if its easy to do, been searching internet for hours and can't find any guides what so ever!!! why o why can't customisation be easy :P
  8. Hi Guys, Need some help, im thinking of changing my interior light to a blue bulb but not sure which is best to get. Also i have some LED's to change the interior lights on the dashboard to blue, but again not sure if there the correct type Any help is much appriciated :D
  9. stereo for facelift mk6

    Try some milk on it, may take the edge off ;) LOL ATM, im still, like you researching things, but eventually I want, the rear windows blacked out, a nice touchscreen stereo and the side stripes for my mk6 facelift. Im also tempted by 'angel eyes' headlights, think it would look really good! what about you, much aftermarket accessories??
  10. stereo for facelift mk6

    Hi Danny, my friend tried this in her Mk6 facelift and sad to say it didnt work (maybe we wired it up wrong im not sure...?) Sorry to bunny hop on your topic, but I am also looking to add a new stereo to my mk 6 facelift and was wondering that when installed will it still display RDS info on my Information Centre screen in the speedo?? or will I need an adaptor for it?? Cheers
  11. Hi there, does anyone know if Hayes have released a manual covering the new fiesta ('56 reg and onwards) and if so where can I get a copy as I have looked in Halfords, Ebay, Amazon all to no luck cheers
  12. Chrome Grill

    Thanks for your research guys, thats kind of what I am looking for, but its the 'outer frame' I am also looking for in chrome. I have seen them as added options just wondering if they came as after sale parts as well. thanks again
  13. mk6.5 fiesta breaking 08 reg

    hi does it have the chrome front grill?? Cheers
  14. Chrome Grill

    Hi there, I am trying to find the chrome grill for the front of my Mk6 Fiesta Climate. Does anyone know where sell them, as I have looked everywhere Thanks