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  1. I have to admit to being disappointed in the brakes. Mine too are very noisy which prompted me to have a look. I have far too much brake travel before it really bites. I take the point that 90% is the front brakes and agree so wonder if it's just my brakes that are very poor. I tested it today and reckon I have 50% of pedal travel before the brakes give sign of slowing me down. Surely this can't be right? Does this sound familiar or should I take it in. I'm convinced that it wouldn't pass a brake test.
  2. Thanks for the info. To be honest, I'm amazed to see drums on a car that costs £16k... Bazar that I didnt notice. Do the Zetec S's have drums or calipers?
  3. Quick question - The drum breaks on the back of Fiesta Metal.... Are these any good or would you recommend converting to discs. I haven't seen drum brakes on a car for quite some time and wondered why Ford chose to put drums on a car that potentially need stopping power more than most...! Odd choice????? Has anyone done the conversion? Cheers Andy
  4. My New Fiesta Metal

    I think the most I ever paid was £600 when I was a kid. Although it was for a Renault 5 TL... with a whole litre of power. Times change and young'uns have to pay through the nose just to insure a car let alone buy the thing. I'd be still on the bus if my insurance was £2400.. First car only cost 500 notes..! However that was 20 years ago when you could buy a house for 3 grand...
  5. My New Fiesta Metal

    Jesus £2400.... WOW... I know life is for the young.... but there are some benefits to being 39... Paid £450 for my fully comp and was gutted... the Fiesta Metal however is well worth the expense.. Enjoy..
  6. My New Fiesta Metal

    Hi - I think you'll be delighted with the Metal. Had mine for about a week now and really enjoying the little car. Although I noticed that you're 19. My insurance have told me that anyone driving the car needs to be above 21... May be something to look into...!
  7. Evening All - Firstly, great site you've got here. Nice to see some great looking cars and knowledgeable people. Picked up my (new to me) Fiesta Metal on Tuesday. Delighted with it. Didn't know much about the car before buying it. I was looking for a Zetec S but happened to see this car on ebay from a local Ford dealer. Luckily I was in a position to go there and buy it immediately. Didn't even know what I was buying but really liked the look of this car, so bought it and then set about investigating what I'd bought. Could have gone badly I know but lady luck was on my side that day. The car has usual upgrades such as, Sony Stereo with upgraded speakers - This is a superb sound with amazing quality. Comes with Bluetooth - Voice control etc Centre armrest - This is a little annoying as can't use the handbrake when it's down. Rear spoiler - Mine looks different to the others - Presume this is an aftermarket part. Grey paint - I believe this is also an added element. I've popped some pictures below. Hope you like it. Thanks - Andy
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Nimrod :)

    1. Nimrod


      Thanks Steve, Looks a great site with lots happening. Thanks for having me and my new Fiesta Metal.