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  1. Thank you very much for your advice Preee (Paul). I understand that I will not be able to use my EML327 Modification on my Fiesta 2011, I will not put at risk my ECU. I will try to contact INath, to activate the cruise control using the Ford IDS software from my dealer. I want to share my modification to the Bluetooth ELM327 with the forum, it may help someone. First I made a circuit with two transistors to adapt the pins 17 and 18 of the ELM327 to RS232 TX and RX. I use a Cisco console cable ( RJ45 to DB9). and a standard RS232 DB9 to USB adapter. Then I also made the modification on the OBD2 pins 6 & 14 to use the standard CAN ELM or Ford DCL 6 & 11 Pins. I used a DIP 8 switches to select various combinations. You can see the picture and the diagram . I hope the idea will serve somebody. Link to Visio Diagram http://dl.dropbox.com/u/45068600/Modificacion%20ELM327%20para%20FORD%20DCL%20RS232%20Circuito.vsd Thanks for what you do in the forum Paul. Eduardo V. de Miguel
  2. Hello Preee Congratulations for your work on this forum. I speak Spanish, sorry for my bad English. I own a 2011 Ford Fiesta Sigma engined 1.6-liter I-4 Ti-VCT - 4 doors but came with NO Cruise Control. Only titanium 5-door model comes with CC. I want to activate the cruise control using the ELMconfig. I have already installed the original steering wheel and all the voltages are present on the buttons and LEDs on the CC control switches. I have Already constructed ELM327 ver 1.4 modified to use the pins 3 DCL+ and 11 DCL- instead of 6 CANH and 14 CANL following the instructions in the forum . (very clear tks) But not yet had the courage to connect it to my car. I am an electronic engineer and work a lot with firmware updates and I know it can be very easily to damage the ECU. All I need is some advice from your to not damage my ECU considering that ELMconfig was designed for another model of Ford, not for the Fiesta. Do you know if someone has used the ELMconfig on the Fiesta 2011 Made in Mexico as those sold in the Americas (North and South America? What do you think? may be work ? Work only for read the AS-built? If I only change the CC option and write de AS-Buit and do not work some other feature, it is reversible any damage? Thank you very much for the help and suggestions you can give me before I connect my ELM327 to my ECU..
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums evdemiguel :)

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      Thanks Steve, Nice forum, Hi tech level, congratulations.