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  1. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    Just told my mechanic the AA are sticking with their decision because the DMF was seized and he responding saying that's a lie then because your DMF was the complete opposite so the report is false
  2. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    I heard a rattle noise on idle. Especially if the engine was warm. Sometimes I also heard a noise when bringing up the clutch without being in gear. AA have said the report showed my DMF was seized so they are sticking with their decision. They are sending me £40 for leaving stuck until 1 AM though. I didn't think my DMF was siezed though, I thought it was loose?
  3. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    I only feel I am right because of the wording used by the technical advisor. He said mine was a sudden failure but it was worn out anyway. My point with them is if they never pay out on a DMF they should list it as a non insured part. Personally I would never of got the work done, I would of held of as long as possible but they insisted on removing the gearbox and indicated they would contribute with the costs. Why pay for an assssssor if they are never going to pay out, I have complained and simply asked if the DMF is worn and your not paying what was the assessor looking for? Why did you simply not tell me before I spent £550 that you don't pay for a DMF. The whole experience from the start is on my complaint so hopefully I get something. It started with them taking 5 hours to get to me, leaving me waiting until 1 AM after saying they would be with me @ 21:50. My interpretation of wear and tear and somebody else's could be completely different so in my opinion they can always reject any claim for that reason because every single part of my car could be recorded as wear and tear.
  4. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    What would a failed DMF do? I have just picked up my old parts and clutch looks fine and the mechanic said the DMF isn't worn, its failed and he thinks there's a difference. I was told a DMF gets strain with low gears or town driving, so with my only motorway driving I think that's why I have got more out of my DMF than the average car but I'm just annoyed with the AA policy. They could use wear and tear for anything, if they don't want to pay out on the DMF they should list it along with the other non covered parts like disc brakes. I have just looked at my DMF and it moves side to side, I don't have a clue about how these work but the inner circle has a few pins sticking out like tiny handles. I can hold them and move the inner circle. I assume that's what the fault is ?
  5. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    AA warranty is a joke..... A "technical advisor" has just phoned me and said the report for my claim shows my clutch was around 75% worn and the fly wheel did have a sudden failure and sieze up on 1 side causing the fault but they are not accepting my claim because they think its wear and tear. His words was sudden failure. They will do anything to no pay out on these policies!! Anyone any idea on how to complain, his words was sudden failure and that's exactly what their policy covers. I am not letting this go, the whole process from the 5 hours it took for them to recover my car to the now declining to pay for any repairs is a joke. Why accept my money if they don't like my mileage and will use it to blame everything on wear and tear.
  6. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    Technican has been, he's agreed with the mechanic that its worn. I think the mechanic has told the AA its worn out but yet he told me its gone out of shape. I have lost confidence in the claim being successful now because they will just throw wear and tear back @ me now. I said that to the mechanic and he said he still thinks they will pay out because they have been asking lots of questions about my job, driving and mileage. Anyone every had a sucessful high value claim with the AA
  7. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    £550 it cost me :( and now he's said my drive shaft sounds a bit funny too!! The DMF was out of place and I have new LUK clutch DMF and cylinder fitted. Just have to wait and see what this inspector says when he visits tomorrow. Clutch still had plenty of surface on it and the DMF just had a bigger gap on 1 side and bit of play when it moved, just hopefully that doesn't count as worn out. Any idea on drive shaft price? That's my next bill :(
  8. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    AA will not pay for clutch plate and they want to come out and inspect the DMF. Hopefully then I only have to pay for clutch plate and they cover labour and DMF costs.
  9. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

    They will not pay for worn parts but DMF is not on the list of non covered parts. Only clutch is. It's in a local garage now having the gearbox off. Bill is £530 for clutch DMF and cylinder inc labour. It drives fine but you can hear a bit of a rattle. Halfords told me the AA have paid out for a DMF before. I just hope I'm lucky too. I will check what parts are used, I had the option for a bit cheaper to go with a solid flywheel but opted to keep it the same. I should know this afternoon if I'm paying or the AA are helping. It's been a nightmare lately my car, spent a fortune on it.
  10. My car for quite some months and many miles has been disaying signs of a faulty DMF. I have held off repairing to see if the problem got worse and it doesn't appear to have done but I have an AA repair warranty so I had them out last night to have a look. I have been told it needs to be done. The problem I have is halfords who are an authorised repairer need to charge for removing the gear box before the AA will authorise the repair. Problem is if its worn they won't pay out and halfords want around £800 for the job. If AA do pay out they will cover £500 of the repair so £300 out of my pocket. Anyone know how likely the AA are to pay for the repair? I don think the clutch is worn so they should pay out and I have been told they have done before. I have had a quote for £500 from a local garage but they are not an authorised AA repairer so if I try to submit a claim I think it will be more difficult? Are the 2 prices reasonable and does anyone have experience with AA claims? I don't know wether I'm better going with the independent garage or chancing the claim with Halfords. If the claim is successful I pay 1st and claim back but through halfords they deal between themselves and I only pay the £35 excess. My car has done 101K now and just spend £400 on belt pump and bearings so this is a bit of a blow. I feel like selling it now
  11. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci - Cam Belt Change.

    Just went all out, I dont think its expensive so I agreed to do the full work. 2 wheel bearings along with the belt kit and pump. £360 all in @97K I hope this is my last expense now for a while.
  12. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci - Cam Belt Change.

    Belt is being replaced, dropped car off about an hour ago and mechanic just phoned saying pump is on the out side so its my choice if I want to do it now. He's said it doesn't sound noisy so I can leave it if I want. £85 for pump, parts/labour and coolant change and he said you will know if the pump goes because it will start to use water and make noise. I have left the pump for now to see if I can get another few months and then will do a service and pump/coolant for winter. £125 for a belt all in and so I am happy with that. The wheel bearing is been a massive mystery though; AA said its gone, Kwik fit said its fine, another garage said its dry and now this garage said he can't hear or see anything but theres noise from my gearbox =/
  13. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci - Cam Belt Change.

    I have seen the full kit with pump selling for £60-£70. Granted not ford genuine but most oem parts are really good these days. I'm going to phone 1st garage back and ask about price and pump
  14. 2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci - Cam Belt Change.

    Really? The belt kit only costs around £60 so I thought it was about right. I am definitely getting the belt done, it's the water pump I am unsure about.
  15. My focus is on 97,000 now so I am going to get the timing belt changed. I have asked before and told to get the full kit (belt & pulley?) but now I have been told water pump. I had a quote from halfords whilst my car was there having heater plugs. It seemed a bit high so have asked for 2 more quotes. 1 was full kit parts/labour £125 2nd quote was £270 which was the kit but told I need to do the pump too. I didn't know this was the case so asked for a quote without. It was £234 so not much for the pump. Do I need to get this done and are these prices right? I am tempted to go back to 1st garage and ask for a price with a pump too. Don't have a clue and I've spent a lot on my car lately so need to save as much as possible bedside tyres and bearings need doing too ASAP. Thanks