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    orion 1.6i ghia
  1. Jokes

    2 blonde girls were walking through the woods,when they came across some tracks, the 1st blonde says"they're bear tracks" the 2nd blonde says"no they're not,they're deer tracks" they were still arguing when the train hit them!!
  2. What Do You Do?

    i'm a delivery driver by trade(white van man)lol i'm also a fully qualified security chauffeur and member of the british chauffeurs guild.
  3. FOC Age group Poll!

    38 but still feeling like i'm stuck in an 80's time loop lol
  4. she's clean

    37,000 miles and totally standard,in excellent condition and brings back some wicked memories of my youth lol. i have had some nice cars,but i am still amazed at how much interest the orion gets!? people always saying how rare it is and how clean it is.
  5. 1.6i ghia orion

    37,000 miles and near mint
  6. hello

    Hi all. i just joined and after many years away from fords,i have recently become the owner of a mk2 orion 1.6i ghia,37000 miles,near mint and totally standard. so just thought i would say hello first. baz.