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  1. We did force the regeneration and did a long run from Dublin to Belfast return, and the kangaroo fault still happened on the return trip. OH is a panel beater so believes he could block it off and unblock it in time for the NCT (Irish MOT). He agrees with the theory that its probably a known (but unlikely to be admitted to by Ford) fault... There isn't any fuel in the oil - he serviced it last week and it was spotless.
  2. sorry to bring up an old thread, but we have been having the same problems for seven months with our 2008 Titanium. It doesn't happen often, maybe once every six weeks or so, and only on long journeys (usually between Belfast and Dublin, usually around Newry). The tank is usually half full or less. We've had it into Ford several times, we have done the airflow meter, the EGR, the injector washes, and the DPF was replaced at 75,000 miles (its now 96,000 miles). The fluids were topped up as well. The throttle body was cleaned and the ERG cooler. It was connected up to a computer at a local mechanic's after Ford's last attempts to solve the problem proved unsuccessful, and the local mechanic's computer said it wasn't regenerating fast enough and there was a turbo overboost error. So a regeneration was done, and the following day the missus went up north, and the kangaroo hop happened again. So decky_eire, did blocking off the ERG solve the problem? Or has anyone else got any ideas??
  3. My husband put a fuel cleaner (Upper Cylinder Lubricant and injector Cleaner - Lucas brand) into the diesel tank, then filled up completely with diesel. Immediately after running engine, a light came on. There were two error lights - one was the DPF light, which he reset and is now off; the second light refers to a P2585 error, and the accompanying message on the computer is 'Fuel additive control module warning lamp request'. When he attempted to reset the light, it did go off, but turned back on immediately after starting the engine again. It now remains on. Any explanations / suggestions? Is it safe to drive the car? What repairs / changes need to be made?
  4. Temperature Guage Problem

    Yes, the fan is working on a cold start.. I have to admit, I dont pay attention but husband says this is different / changed.. He's not completely clueless as he's a panelbeater, but he's still looking for suggestions / input / wisdom from other Ford owners
  5. Temperature Guage Problem

    We have a 2008 1.6L Diesel Titanium Focus, and as of yesterday my husband has noticed the temperature guage being a little 'funny' compared to its usual patterns. After he switches on the car engine, the fan is immediately on, and the temperature guage is at 60 degrees; after half an hour of driving, the temperature guage is up to 90 degrees, but it then falls slightly and then the needle waves like a flag between 70 -90 degrees. If he accelerates, the guage goes up, if he changes gear it goes down. If he goes uphill, it goes up, if he goes down, it goes downhill. However the guage never moves towards 120, and we can get warm air into the cabin of the vehicle without any difficulty. Any suggestions?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums KiwiPolish :)