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  1. I have a rattle in my near side (pass side ) rear corner.. I had a had quick and seen straight away anti roll bar bushes were well worn so suppose jumping the gun said to myself there's my rattle.. Any how new bushes now fitted and still have a rattle in near side rear corner.. What's the best way to check subframe bushes and also can anyone give me other ideas as to what this can be.. Should maybe mention that It only seems to be there when drivin over a rough uneven surface.. For example a cobble road like you'd see on coronation street..lol
  2. Is This Normal.?.

    Hi recently bought a mk3 Mondeo tdci euro 4 I'm having problems with excessive black smoke when accelerating away from a stop and also when car is under load.. ie if at approx 25-30 mph in 4th gear and go to accelerate I get a trail of black smoke.. If I blank of egr this issue goes away.. Had thought egr was stuck open but with using f super and the live data feature the egr is opening and closing as it seems it should.. Any thoughts..???????
  3. Black Smoke

    If u blank egr does this not leave engine check light on all the time on euro 4.?. I had my vacum regulator go faulty which gives same effect as blanking egr and light stayed on
  4. Hi I have an egr sensor fault and I'm wanting to look into the wiring of this sensor back to the ecu.. Sensor appears to be working correctly at the sensor plug although this does not rule out that the position signal wire returning to the ecu is not rubbed or broke this giving my check light on dash.. Could someone give me PIN numbers on the ecu from these 3 wires or if possible post a wiring diagram up... Would be very much appreciated.. Tryin to slove this issue ASAP..
  5. Scan Tool

    I'm thinking of buying one of these super f scan tools.. Can anyone tell me are they any good and also when any faults codes are cleared I'm assuming any fault lights should go out and remain out or do some faults need to be driven to clear the fault..
  6. Fault Code Help Please

    I'll try that when I get a chance Sony do it any harm.. Maybe also worth mentioning I have a code p1000 as well.. Would it be possible that this p1000 code is stopping the light form turning off as egr maybe hasn't done a full drive cycle as ford talk about...
  7. Fault Code Help Please

    i havent but after a bit of research this morning i was thinking of doing that as in my head thought maybe valve is operating correctly but if manifold is clogged up the flow of air may not be suffient in turn puttin on the engine light..might try taking it off later today...have you ever done this before?
  8. Black Smoke

    Ok just tested sensor in both old n new egr valves both read 1.5 volts closed and 4.5 volts open.. Is there something I'm missing that's causing this fault... Really drivin me mad
  9. Black Smoke

    Yes replaced egr but no difference..I wouldn't know what values to be looking for at the egr 3 pin plug.. Would it be possible the maf sensor is faulty
  10. Hi I have 2 fault codes which keep re appearing and it's drivin me mad.. Codes are p0405 and p0401 P0405 says exhaust gas recirculation sensor A circuit low And P0401 says exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected I've have these cleared a few times only to keep reappearing have also tried cleaning my egr which didn't work and also tried a new egr valve which also didn't work.. Any help guys would be great I don't now much about the fords but its driving me mad.. By the way cars a 05 mondeo 2.0 tdci 130 bhp euro 4
  11. Black Smoke

    Hi guys thanks for replys.. Intercooler hoses seem fine I checked them visually an also while holding a rev on the car the pipes all become firm with no signs of leaks.. But I seem to keep get the fault codes P0401 and p0405 poppin up.. When clear car will drive a few miles without light then after sits turned of for approx ten mins and started again light appears..(engine light).. I have since tried a new egr valve to no affect.. Any ideas what this is.. The black smoke seems to have calmed itself.. My train of thought is more why is these 2 codes re appearing... P0405 says... Exhaust gas recirculation sensors A circuit low P0401 says..exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected... Driving me mad... :-(
  12. Black Smoke

    Hi I'm looking for opinions and Info here.. I have a 2005 tdci mondeo 2.0 130bhp euro 4... I have noticed that when pulling away this is a sign of what looks like black smoke from exhaust.. Also I noticed that if car is left at idle for approx ten mins or so when you then pull away the black smoke is more of a cloud.. The smoke seems to clear once you get up the rpm's
  13. Black Smoke

    I had been thinking possible spilt in intercooler hose but thought this would give smoke all across the rpm range..could it be a faulty egr valve and is there any way to test this
  14. Black Smoke

    Hi still fairly new to this site and looking some info.. I have recently bought a 05 mondeo 2.0 tdci euro 4.. I have noticed that the car sometimes produces black smoke.. Seems to be when pulling away for a road end and seems to clear as rpm increases.. Also if car is left to idle for a few mins(approx 5-10) when you go to pull away again there is a cloud of black smoke.. Other than this the car appears to drive well and pulls well.. No management lights etc on dash.. Any thoughts or suggestions as to what could be wrong..
  15. Lowered Mondeo

    Hi can members post up pics of their mondeo's lowered and what set up they are using.. Currently I have a 2005 model titanium x with 18's on.. Sits a little higher at rear and thinking of lowering car to make it look a little better nothing mad like 50 mm or that I was thinkin 30mm all round but would this still leave it high at rear or would I need to be lookin for 30 front 40 rear if such a thing exists