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  1. Anyone wanna swap me their focus zetec s for my frp?? Gonna need a bigger car in january!
  2. Well you get what you pay for and those cheap drls arent even bright in the daytime, its allgood taking photos at night but i think the clue is in the title! DAYTIME running lights! Oh and sorry for swearing, im sure we are all adults here. If you want to make your car look crap its up to you.
  3. Ive had numerous fiestas now and never buckled a wheel, i think the answer is just avoid potholes and if u hit one and knacker your wheel you need to be writing to the council not ford!
  5. All fiestas have the same wiring for headlights, you just chop into it for drls.
  6. Take it back and get them to sort it! Simple as!
  7. If we said it looked awesome would u have considered it????
  8. There was so much bad language in here it wasn't worth trying to remove it so lets just say Adam isn't a fan of DRLs. -Nath
  9. Water damage is a myth! Just needs a good shampoo and hoover! Hope u get it sorted though!
  10. Just go to your local bodyshop, 50 quid a wheel at most to paint em black! Or if u live near york i can get em done dirt cheap for you.
  11. Whatever you do dont lower it, i had one exactly the same and put some eibach springs on and it ruined the handling. Always worth changing wheel colour though to make it a bit different.
  12. Sureley from looking at that picture your car is repairable??