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  1. Dave, should it not go back perfectly I suppose I'll just need to use some filler and respray the area - genuine ford spray paint I've noticed is only £14 on ebay... Marc, I did try that but annoyingly the dent falls right on the line that goes around the bumper creating an upper and lower bumper, so I couldn't manage a proper seal. Thanks though guys.
  2. Chris, you're definitely right there about cost and I guess I'll have a go at finding one nearby on ebay if I can't mend this one myself. I'd really like to fix this one up with minimal cost though if possible. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Hey guys, I've just bought an 04 black fiesta flame that's only damage was a dent to the rear bumper just behind the exhaust - as though it has reversed into a tow bar. I've been quoted pretty high prices by nearby garages for repairing it (nearly £200), which I was surprised at given it's a plastic bumper... I wondered if there was a reasonably straight forward way of mending it myself? I've heard that it might be possible to heat it up and spring it back out - is this a good idea and does anyone know the best way to do this? I'm worried that the paint may melt and I'll make it even worst, any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers, James
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums jamesweb :)