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  1. Power folding mirror fault

    It just says mechanical and electrical. Doesn't list specific parts
  2. Power folding mirror fault

    Hi all, my dad has a 2013 Focus Titanium The drivers side power fold mirror has stopped folding in when the doors are locked. It starts to fold and stops almost immediately. The passenger one works as normal. It hasn't been damaged in any way. The car was bought 2nd hand from a main dealer and a Ford Protect Gold warranty was taken out. Will this be covered by the warranty?
  3. USB audio problem

    How do I do a Sync master reset? Which fuse to pull please?
  4. USB audio problem

    Hi all, my dad has a 2013 Focus Titanium Navi I put loads of music ona USB stick for him and plugged it into the slot in the armrest. All was good for a few months. Since yesterday the unit keeps saying 'no USB detected' (or something similar). The USB port has power as the light on the stick comes on when connected and also charges the phone. I have tried a different USB stick but still the same error. Also tried the stick in my 2017 ST and it works Is there anything I can try to get it to work?
  5. MK3 13 reg auto locking not working

    Sorted guys and gals.Wrote to BCM and it now works
  6. Hi all, I have a MK3 13 reg Focus Titanium. I just tried to enable auto locking by speed using FoCCCus 0.8.6 I read from IPC, changed setting #32 to Automatic Locking and wrote it back to IPC I went for a drive but the car does not auto lock. Any help appreciated
  7. Is cruise control working on the 2.5l ST/RS engine yet?
  8. Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

    Check the wires, one of the connections has 2 wires going into it.
  9. We've bought one over at http://www.focusrsoc.com There is a thread where you can pay and get auto power folds for £15
  10. Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

    Plugs connect into the module
  11. I thought about doing that but didn't try it in the end. I will try it when I get a chance. I'm at the stage where I'll try anything lol
  12. Correct, ST/RS did not have factory cruise control, nor was it an option. Maybe you are right, PCM may not support cruise. I don't know anyone that has cruise control on their ST. I am not giving up yet.
  13. When I press '+' the light still doesn't go on. I have tried at 50mph. Cruise is enabled in GEM, HEC and PCM. I have all the pedal switches and wires.