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  1. Sluggish Fiesta

    Hi., thanks for the replies,it's had a service, so we'll think about remap and get filter just to see........THANKS AGAIN!!
  2. Sluggish Fiesta

    Sorry,forgot to put in its petrol......thanks
  3. Sluggish Fiesta

    Hi,we have a 59 plate 1.4 automatic fiesta,which has been serviced etc but seems a bit sluggish, would an aftermarket air intake help?does anyone know please or any other ideas??? Thanks
  4. Vinyl Wrapping!

    Hi we have had our roof wrapped and wing mirrors sprayed,the wrapping was done by a place in bury,I can try to find details if you are interested,looks good....if you know bury at all it is just behind the vw garage 2 mins off motorway
  5. Steering Wheel Trim

    Thanks to you both for looking and advising,at least now we can meddle and have a go
  6. Steering Wheel Trim

    Brill,thanks for that we can have a go
  7. Steering Wheel Trim

    I think there are some screws but does anyone know if a certain screw driver is needed or what are trox please Willy?
  8. Steering Wheel Trim

    Can anyone tell us how to get the silver v shape on steering wheel off we want to either wrap it or spray it to match the radio surround and below,do we need a special screw driver please.??? Thanks if anyone can help.
  9. hi and thanks again lenny,we took the stereo out to see if we would loose anything,the settings for the car run thru the radio as in the settings for folding mirrors,chimes for warnings ie door open not wearing seatbelt.... and in the dash display behind the steering wheel the mpg/total miles/miles to empty etc dissapeared flashed on then dissapeard again,everything came back on when the radio was put back in.....this is driving us potty as the kenwood has been in a golf/focus and mk6 fiesta with no problems!!!
  10. hi i have posted a question about double dins but not had a lot of advice....we have a fiesta titanium on 59 plate,no voice control/bluetooth so wanted to put our kenwood with sat nav/ipod control on it into the car,we have seen the fascias and wiring etc but have been told we could loose some functions as the radio controls some things but no-one can tell us what,do you know what and do you know a way around this please?
  11. New Member

    thanks for the reply lenny.......,we have seen the kits to replace fascia etc,but seen a couple of double dins put into the mk 7,on the internet the double din screen seems to be standing proud out of the surround,anyone else seen these and does anyone know if the unit can sit back any further so it sits flush?better fitting and better for security? thanks for reading this.anyone any suggestions
  12. New Member

    hi,just signed up as a member,not brill with computers and new to forums,we have a ford fiesta mk 7.....59 plate and am in lancashire. We have only had this car a couple of weeks,and are trying to get a kenwood double din in it.......has anyone managed to do it??????help!!!
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums avalon.21 :)