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  1. 2003 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI FUSE BOX

    I think its next to the battery? Daz
  2. Central Locking

    Mine is the 2003 Pre face lift. Its the 1.4 TDCI LX and mine has the remote central locking. its got the one remote locking key and the programing key as a spare. My car has aircon to. I would of thought that yours would have it mate.
  3. 1.4 TDCi

    Mine has only done nearly 67K but still drives like new
  4. Clutch on mk6 fiesta

    The clutch on my MK6 1.4 TDCi fiesta is slipping. Can anyone tell me if it is a big job to replace and how long you think it would take to replace. Also what kind of cost would i be looking at. I only bought the car 2 months ago from a main dealer. The car is 2003 (03) with 66,000 miles on the clock. The car is still within its 3 month warranty and in the booklet it says it covers clutch parts. Do you think they will replace it under warranty with me only having it 2 months ago or do you think they will say its wear and tear and try charge me? Cheers, Dazza
  5. I never knew this...

    same here. Had the car 2 months before i found it lol
  6. Dirty Pics

    nice car, really like the new fiestas. Its pretty clean considerin its white.
  7. Dashboard Lighting

    Sounds like u need a new dial cluster mate, they are about £30 on ebay i think
  8. Dashboard Lighting

    in the dial cluster they are all LED's apart from the indicator lights which are bulbs
  9. rear knocking

    are u sure its not the fuel sloshing around in the tank. Noticed this on my fiesta and this is what it was
  10. yes mate thats the cd player i have. Will look into replacing it now then, Cheers
  11. Hi all, Please can someone tell me what i would need to fit an aftermarket cd player to my fiesta mk6 (03 reg). Do i just need the fascia or would i also need a wiring adapter? Can someone also tell me if i require a special tool to remove the standard cd player? Thanks Daz
  12. Diesel Jump, and Stiff Stering

    I agree. The company car was fixed with a new fuel pump.
  13. Diesel Jump, and Stiff Stering

    Hi Mate, Had this problem with a ford mondao at work, turned out that it was something to do with the fuel pressure being to low. The kangarooing is apparantly because when you accelerate there is not enough fuel going to the engine. Failing that mate it could be the EGR valve. Hope this helps Daz
  14. ford fiesta odd noise

    im havin this trouble, any idea on the cost of this?
  15. Hi, Mine has done 65k and its a 2003 reg. He probably just wants you to buy a new car. I have a friend who has done about 180k in theres with no problems, it passes every MOT and doesn't use any oil. Daz