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  1. Ford Sync Issues Please Help!!

    I also have a 2013 Focus (Titanium 125 1.0 Ecoboost) and when I use the voice control to "Call Home" I have to say "Call Hume". The directory entry is definitely HOME and it is spelt correct but Sync insists on pronouncing it as HUME. Also Ford have removed the voice climate control in the new model. They have also put a horrible single colour display in for the trip computer. Looks like its come off an old mobile phone. Apart from these things though the car is very nice. Anyone know how to fix the Hume issue?
  2. Well, a few weeks before Xmas I was able to recieve Smooth UK. I think this was was because Test A and Test B were removed and Smooth Xmas was added. It looks like the Ford Sony DAB Radio has a limit of 13 stations on any one MUX. Prior to Smooth Xmas coming on air there were 14 stations on MUX 11D. The current list is as below. God only knows what will happen when Smooth Xmas is taken off the air!! Talksport Smooth Xmas Jazz FM Absolute Classic Planet Rock BFBS Smooth 70 Abolute 90 Absolute 80 UCB Christian Smooth UK Premier Christian
  3. Are there any proper instructions anywhere for the Sony DAB radio installed in the latest Fords. It doesn't even say what model number is on the front panel. There are basic instructions in the manual you get with the car but I would like to know things like how you do a factory reset for example, and if you can get a signal strength display on DAB and other such things. I also read elsewhere that you can read the radio serial number by pressing certain keys. Where is all this information stored?
  4. Thanks for the reply. No it happens while I am standing still. If I tune between different mux's and then go back to 11D sometimes Smooth UK is there and other times it is not. As I said previously I also have a Pure Highway and that has no trouble picking up Smooth UK on 11D. Is there anyone out there who has the same radio fitted that can try and see if they gat the same effect as me. I am sure it is not a hardware issue more of a firmware bug.
  5. I was reading on the net last night the Daytime Running Lights (DRL's) have been law since February 2011. Is this true, as my brand new Focus Titanium does not have DRL's.
  6. Hello, Anyone had similar issue? There a strange fault on the Sony DAB radio. When I tune to Mux 11D (National DAB Mux) I intermittently get two different lists of radio stations. More often than not I get: Talksport Test B Jazz FM Absolute Classic Planet Rock BFBS Smooth 70 Absolute 90 Absolute 80 UCB Christian Test A Premier Christian Other times I get: Talksport Test B Jazz FM Absolute Classic Planet Rock BFBS Smooth 70 Absolute 90 Absolute 80 UCB Christian Smooth UK Test A Is this a fault on the radio and should I take it back or is there something else going on. Is there a setting that is not documented? I have tried another DAB radio (Pure Highway) in the car and I get the following on 11D. Talksport Test B Jazz FM Absolute Classic Planet Rock BFBS Smooth 70 Absolute 90 Absolute 80 UCB Christian Smooth UK Test A Premier Christian I only noticed this problem because I like listening to Simon Bates on Smooth UK. The radio functions perfectly otherwise. I think there may be a firmware issue, anyone know who to raise this with at Ford?
  7. One Litre Focus Member

    Thanks for the video. I too think it has a cracking engine. When I went for a test drive I just could not believe this car only had a 1.0 L engine. I love the noise it makes. The only thing I don't like is that there is virtually no braking power from the engine which is to be expected really.
  8. Hello, I am in Hampshire and I am driving the new one litre three cylinder Focus Titanium, It is amazing, it has the same power as my previous 1.8 Zetec and it uses less petrol. This is my fourth Focus and it is about the best of all.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums DRH :)