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  1. Unknown Switch - Ford Focus Mk2.5

    Cheers for the response. I think I will make do with my 'sticker' for now. Although I can activate the switch with ELMConfig through my OBD and sort myself out a cheaper switch, I dont think its worth the hassle as I cant see why I need to switch the Airbag off (kids grown up)
  2. Unknown Switch - Ford Focus Mk2.5

    Thanks all for the replies. Just had a look at the car, and the deactivation switch I thought was by the passenger door has been stolen and replaced by a airbag sticker! I could have sworn it was there before! That explains the switch. Thanks guys
  3. Unknown Switch - Ford Focus Mk2.5

    Nitemare, thanks for the reply. Any idea why its not connected and blanked off? I would have thought that passenger airbag de-activation switch would have been standard. This is hidden away, looking like it should be an optional extra!
  4. Hi all, Whilst looking for a suitable spot for my new AUX socket for my 6000CD, I noticed that behind the blank plate to the left of the heated front screen switch, is an unconnected switch. Does anybody know what this switch does?
  5. Hi All. Followed this thread with massive interest. I have a bluetooth elm327 that I have been using with Dashcommand on my iphone successfully. I now want to move on to doing more than watching my engine revs on my phone. Here starts the problem. I have downloaded ELMConfig (latest version) and the runtime pack (which installed without a hitch) when I start up ELMConfig, I can set up MS-CAN ok and start an OBD scan ok. If, however i try to query HEC for example (i have yet to install the high/low switch yet, but from the thread believe you can still use the HS Can) I recieve an error along the lines of "mode 20 invalid response". I tried to query mode 20 from putty, but recieved "No DATA". Can anybody point me in the right direction? Have I brough a dud ELM 327? (it does report version as 1.5, which I believe is not a genuine elmelectronics version, but some china copy), but it seams to work with other software.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums dneyed13 :)