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  1. Happy Birthday _Jim!

  2. Sig Requests

    for most of these it's been vector brushing and simple smudging, mostly with a standard brush with minimal changes. few C4D renders in about there aswell, mostly simple scenery stocks, don't know why i find them better to use lol! but yeah, a collab/1v1 would be good lol, not touched photoshop much for a while now lol. Cheers mate!
  3. haha! 35, come on! you're not old yet! theres still life left in the boy yet haha!
  4. haha! that's on the same lines as my dad! he couldn't believe or comprehend anything over 500 quid for my 1st year insurance, so imagine when he was told 3 grand haha! 2nd year driving and down to £1000, i'm doing not too shabby! haha
  5. Sig Requests

    Don't have many left to show you anymore after my computer was hacked haha, and i only have one with a car, my own.. but i'll still give them a go! been meaning to get back into this stuff! a few examples of what i can do! wish i had my other stuff though.. Bottom one is over 4 years old lol!
  6. New Member, Hi There!

    Alright mate! i was the same, a vauxhall man, now i've got the ford, much prefer it!
  7. I know the feeling, still kind of feeling it aswell! My 1st car at 18, was a Corsa C 2002 plater, i was paying £3000 for insurance, so you're not the only one out there, it'll drop for next year, but its hard on the pockets for the 1st year! Newer cars = cheaper insurance
  8. yeah, i've also heard of a few people/companies that would do this, but it was around the £230-270 mark, mostly because of the labour time, but yeah, just as it stands, there isn't really many diagrams set out or accessable for companies or people to get it down to a t quicktime, like older cars e.g i used to own a Corsa C and it became pretty cheap to get done with singular units (light toggle, heater unit, displays, and such) being able to send them away and get it done cheap.. but in you're own case if you wanted to try it, it'd be a case of get the soldering iron out, and not quite trial and error, but making sure you dont miss any, which can be annoyingly tricky with these things! as for the dimmer switch.. not sure on how easy that would be, if all the lights are run off a easy enough circuit then shouldn't be too hard, but... as with life nothings ever that easy! haha
  9. R.i.p Fiesta

    had a quick read through this for my own curiosity! don't know if you've gotten any further with it! Now i'm no mechanic or such but it really could have been caused by the fog light! although they are fused, as said they wont be individually fused. if a relay or something fails then it could still be passing voltage, and if there was a wire fault it could easily start a fire. either way, never good to see something like this happen to someone! hope you get to the bottom of it and get sorted out!
  10. Dash Trim

    Personally if i was going for a colour change on it, I'd get it vinyl wrapped, gives you a wide range of colours, and if you go to sell the car etc, then it can be removed back to standard easily! its "the new big thing" haha.
  11. Hey, names Jamie, 19. From Scotland, just outside Glasgow. Had my fiesta a few weeks now and thought it was about time i joined a forum! Hopefully have a few posts & stuff sorted soon. Peace! Just as i got it home!
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums _Jim :)