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  1. davecraggs

    Focus Connect Tdci Oil In Turbo

    hi yes that is a good read but dosnt really shine any light on it for me as ive tried basically what he ays i just carnt put my finger on the fault im at my whits end with it
  2. hi i have a 2004 ford 18 tdci connect ive just fitted a replacement engine that came from a focus tdci i changed the inlet manifolds and exhaust so it was running the standard 90 connect turbo ect now the problem im having is there is a constant fine stream of oil coming out of the turbo into the intercooler hose now this is were it gets tricky i re build the engine back up with out noticeing this and all seemed fine untill oil started coming out the exhaust and engine started running away with itself i managed to stall the engine so no damage was done i changed the turbo for another turbo i already had of a old engine and ran it with out the intercooler hose on this is were i noticed the oil comng out of the top of the turbo my first though was another faulty turbo although there is no play at all in either shaft all apears to be fine if checked that the oil feed and drain is good so just to make sure i sourced another turbo that came from a running car fitted it up only to do the same im out of ideas on this can any 1 help out thanks
  3. davecraggs

    Problem With My S Max 1,8 Tdci

    changed fuel filter on a whim and it seems to off solved it
  4. davecraggs

    Problem With My S Max 1,8 Tdci

    hi how would i check these not showing no faults up on car but i have just had a clutch fitted 1000 miles ago and it has slowly gotten worse since then
  5. hi what engine was in your car i have a similar fault on a 2007 1.8 tdci stutter judders really badly at around 300 rpm
  6. davecraggs

    Problem With My S Max 1,8 Tdci

    my s max has developed a fault started in 3rd gear when reaching around 3000 rpm it will kangeroo cut out start ect and will not rev round past 4000 rpm its now happening in second revs fine in first and when not in gear im puzzeled its almost like some 1 pressing the brake on and off
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums davecraggs :)