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  1. I've managed ... JUST ... to add the climate screen to my 2017 Ford Focus (SYNC 3). All looks fine and indeed all the buttons function correctly ... however just 1 issue!! The TEMP Zones are reversed ... i.e. when I adjust driver temp then the left hand temp changes on screen and vce versa with passenger button? I've used Forscan to amend my APIM lines to add climate to SYNC 3 but and no amount of Google work has resulted in a fix for the REVERSED temp zones! Has anyone on here done this to their SYNC 3 unit and if so have they worked out the HEX codes to have temp zones set for UK RHD?? Thanks.
  2. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Bannko ... Got my NAV working well (after new SD!!) Thanks for your help and assistance ...
  3. Thanks to Bannko I recently added NAV to my Sync 2 unit in my Titanium ... just wanted to say how helpful and patient he was with me and to recommend that his procedures do indeed work (as long as your SD Nav card does too ... lol) Thanks.
  4. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Bannko, I've a Focus Titanium 2016 with Sync 2 but NOT with Nav. Can You PM the instructions on how I may add Nav to my Sync 2 unit please?? Thanks.
  5. Tezza,

    I have an RS MK2 ... recently I tried to add the auto fold mirror option but something went wrong and now I'm left with a "dead" Driver Door Module (DDM). So currently I have no window control, fold mirrors option, key fob locking, puddle light or indicator on the RH mirror. It was a disaster for me!!

    I've no doubt the DDM is knackered? That said can you give me the correct part number for the DDM for my vehicle? Or better IS the DDM actually knackered??!




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    2. Nitemare


      Hi yes I DO have ELM config and I had used the UCDS program to program the mirrors with the appropriate adapter via a GroupBuy on FordRSOC Forum.

    3. Tezza


      Have you tried using elm and reading the ddm module configuration ?

      If not try that and also clear the DTC's no the ddm 

    4. Nitemare


      No I havent tried to clear ant DTC's though tbh i didnt see any??


      A mate changed hid module recently and he got his power etc back but weirdly the window now goes up when he presses down button. He changed nothing except the wee module (part no 7M5T-14B533-CE). I'd change my module to help myself but not if the window works reverse???

      This is so infuriating!!! Arggh!



  6. Happy Birthday Nitemare!

  7. By the way, Nitemare where you based? Just so I can keep an eye out for the RS! Northern Ireland!! :)
  8. Hi there, Here is my orange connector which was in my wiring loom (December 2009 RS). You can see my black earth cable which I connected prior to attaching to 12V Socket. Hope this helps?? Nitemare ;)
  9. Green light requires a modification to PCM module too!! As yet this is not configuralble in ELM Config?? Nitemare B)
  10. Cheers Lenny, No it was lying behind trim and I followed instructions!!! The only 12V socket fitted (RS) is in centre console unless someone knows better??? Nitemare B)
  11. Thanks to this thread I managed same myself yesterday to my RS. Cheers. :D
  12. UPDATE: All sorted for him, PHEW!!! Had to diasble internet (wireless) connection on his laptop too!!!! Thanks all for such quick informative responses.... Cheers!!! He's a happy boy now!!! Nitemare ;)
  13. Mine updated fine, phew 25 minutes a long time!! However, my friends keeps crashing and now he can't drive car or anything just has the indicator lights flashing on dash?? Any suggestions please???? Thanks, Nitemare ;)
  14. KVM I think means Keyless Vehicle module Cheers for that!
  15. What does KVM stand for in the GEM module part of software please? Thanks, Nitemare.