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  1. @bet365 seriously the app down again!!!

  2. Hark now hear the CITY sing ...........

  3. Never realised so many people were interested in the way I live my life ha ha ha

  4. Great company with @mattkelly84 @vikkiwilliams_x @lillyt_5193 really nice seeing ya mate. Let me know what tropical fish tank your getting x

  5. God I'm glad football is back on the weekend

  6. Final little bits!!! 21 days and counting http://t.co/APY2nxqZ

  7. Can't believe my baby girl will be here in 21 days (unless she's late lol) can't wait everything is sorted #excited

  8. Stupidly bad nights sleep last night!!! Already looking forward to being in bed!

  9. Glad aguero wasn't pushed into playing for Argentina!

  10. Some people!!! Ha ha ha

  11. AVB is seriously STUPID! Buy a player an then upset him straight away! The guys a amateur he really is a doughnut

  12. #IcouldntbeaUnitedFan coz my misses would leave me ha ha

  13. Get in my new road bike is here tomorrow!! Tour de France here I come ha ha

  14. Some people have no shame!!! Guess who I'm talking about @benstids

  15. Can't believe you don't get points for an assist in the sun dream team

  16. That 4th spot this year is up for grabs more than ever with spurs and arsenal stuttering

  17. Just been reading some crap about us being a weak side on the BLUEmoon forum all from Hart being a weakness to zaba Weve won 2 out of 3 ffs

  18. Spurs got the deal of the window in Dempsey for 6million!!

  19. Best thing to happen in this transfer window? Savic got sold!!! Gutted about de Jong

  20. What's the truth in the David villa deal

  21. People need to forget DDR it isn't happening! I put money on it we get javier Garcia, maicon and Sinclair maybe an attacking player

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