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  1. StanH

    Zetec 100

    What is the significance of the 100 - I can only find 125 I am looking at the possibility of buying a Focus described as ZETEC 100 It is 2010 with a 59 plate - in excellent condition 68K miles - what would be a fair price?
  2. StanH

    Heated Rear Window

    I have just been looking at removing the trim, and "just pulls off" is a bit of an understatement. I have managed to separate the top side of the centre panel but the other side of this centre panel seems reluctant to let go - do I just have to brutalise it off hoping it doesn't break?
  3. StanH

    Heated Rear Window

    Thanks Dan, I will just have to take a chance and remove the trim. Unfortunately you can't see from the outside because it is obscured by some black stuff. Changing the whole screen seems a bit drastic when I am convinced it is probably only one break in the element, but thanks anyway Stan
  4. StanH

    Heated Rear Window

    Only the top several inches of the rear window demists, not touching the rest at all. This suggests a break on possibly a vertical element but the edges are hidden under some trim. Two questions please If I remove the trim will the elements then be visible, and is there any particular way to remove the trim? Thanks
  5. StanH


    Thanks, James Stan
  6. StanH


    I have had a gold snowflake showing on the dash all day. Obviously it is a low temp warning but I can't find anything about it in the handbook. Does it change to red if the temp goes to freezing? Stan
  7. StanH

    Ooops Slight Graphic Mistake

    You probably have to open the door to find the I Stan
  8. StanH

    Car Tax And Registration

    Surely you should not have the V5 if the previous owner had done their job properly. At the bottom of the V5 you should have their signature and yours and in this condition it should have been, or should be, sent to the DVLA - and the registered keeper on that form will get any refund due. Once the V5 has been posted you should be able to tax the car immediately using the green V5c
  9. StanH

    Fuel Capacity - Focus

    That 10 miles is computed from your average fuel figure, so the amount of fuel remaining, plus the reserve, will vary according to the average. Stan
  10. An alternative to the Wooly Mammoth is Kent Q6100 Extra Large Microfibre Drying TowelAt £3.48 on Amazon it is a bargain - dries off the whole car without once having to wring out
  11. StanH

    Focus Information

    Is this what you are looking for? Stan PS I hope this works - I have the pdf file but the only way I could hope to put it up here is via onedrive. If it doesn't work, tell me what to do
  12. For a starting point, have you tried putting the original battery back? Stan
  13. StanH

    Backlighting On Information Display

    It is the dash display, although I find the radio etc. fairly unreadable.
  14. StanH

    Backlighting On Information Display

    Thanks - I wouldn't know how to go about getting at the SMDs, let alone changing them, so I guess I'll have to live with it
  15. The backlighting on my display is quite adequate and controllable after dark but the illumination is totally inadequate in most daylight situations. Is there any way in which this can be boosted? Stan