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  1. Ford Fiesta 2011 Attempted Theft - Zetec S1600

    Very true! I'm glad they didn't try the other way of getting in! I've seen one fiesta where they forced a screwdriver down the side of the drivers door to get to the little screw that holds the lock cylinder in to open the central locking that way... Very Messy!! You can put switches/cut the wires to the OBD port but these people know what they're doing and they'll just follow the wires back to the looms in the car/ find the switch. The beauty of the OBD Protector is that its always there and only needs to be touched if you breakdown/car goes in for a service. Just google 'ProtectAVan' or 'OBD Protection' and they'll probably come up
  2. Just posting this as information for other people out there. The other morning I came out to find a thief had punched a hole through my drivers window (right in the corner so my alarm didn't pick them up, I have since moved the ultrasonics!) to try and program their own key in via the OBD Port and steal my car. The way the thieves steal keyless Fords is by plugging a device into the OBD port, pressing the 'Power' button, then this wakes the Computer/ECU up and from this they can then program their own key in, remove their device and then unlock and start the car. This process can take minutes and it makes hardly any noise. The OBD Port Protector I have installed on my car saved it, it stopped the thief from programming their key in and driving away my pride and joy. This problem/thieves with the equipment seems to only be around Essex & Kent at the minute but it will soon spread to other areas I'm sure. Luckily I only had to fork out £40 for a new window and not £10,000+ for a new car! See the photos below!
  3. Stealing Fiestas

    I work for a company who are making 'OBD Protectors' for all fords ATM, thieves are decoding keys, getting them cut and then programming them into the car. The process takes 5 minutes and even quicker if your car is keyless (like mine!) take a look http://www.protectav....tection-device And its safe for now ;D
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums LukePowell :)