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  1. Anyone know where I would get the Vehicle ID number to input into the adv menu on radio. Currently there are a load of slots waiting for an input. Its a 58 reg modeo. Thanks
  2. Any idea if the Vechicle ID section of the advanced menu has anything to do with it or where I would get this Vechicle ID. It came blank after i disconnected the battery
  3. Latest update is I removed the glove box. Located the nokia module. Disconnected the module. Turned on ignition for 10 minutes . Turned off ignition and Reconnected module. No change I took some pics of the module. Is there any way to test at home to see if module is dead?
  4. No the car was previously owned by Lex Autolease. Its driving me crazy at this stage
  5. Hi Liam The latest update is.......................I removed the panel but could not locate any nokia module. Its a much tighter space than the the one in the photo. I could't figure out how to remove the glove box so i disconnected the battery hoping to reboot the system. After 20 mins I reconnected the battery. Everything works as it was except now in the advanced menu there is a vechicle id option which was not there before. Is this related? Any id what id I put in here, or how to input it even. Thanks
  6. There is an aux port in glove box, don't see a USB. The reg is bt58frf if you need it
  7. Hi Liam The ETIS Site is great. The following is in the list of added extras " BT/VC Phone Interface Only". Any idea what this means or why there is no bluetooth option on the menu Thanks
  8. Hi all Newbie here. Just bought a 58 plate 2009 mondeo which has the green and red buttons on the head unit for the phone. The indicator stalk also has phone controls and a voice button at the end. My problem is there is no option in the menu to turn the bluetooth on or off. The last option in the advanced menu is the "No Vid". Any help here on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums mcclaffs :)