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  1. I want to install a dashcam in my 02 plate Ford Focus. I need to tap into a fused circuit in the fusebox that will switch off when the key is removed from the ignition. Can anyone tell me the fuse number from the fusebox behind the glovebox that would do this, please?
  2. A/c Condensation Drain Pipe

    No signs of any pipes in this location? Deffo not a pollen filter issue. I have been driving about ( no rain for at least 3 days) with a/c on.. still drips fluid, though. No signs of fluid underneath car (as I used to get), so the pipe must be blocked, I just can't it at the moment. I thought the exit pipe was inside the engine bay, I can see an open pipe bend about 15mm diam. but i'm not sure if this it. I can't reach it anyway.
  3. A/c Condensation Drain Pipe

    Thank you Arthur. Your assurance is greatly appreciated. Yes, I 've read threads about the pollen filter and had issues before. I noticed a drip coming down there when it had not been raining for 2 days and I had the a/c on. I will re-examine the pollen filter seals. Plenty of advice on the net about that.. thanks again!
  4. A/c Condensation Drain Pipe

    Focus Mk1 02 plate Can anyone send me an image of the location of the a/c drain pipe exit port which vents condensate (water) from the vehicle. I think mine could be blocked as water is backing up and seeping into the passenger foot-well from behind the general location of the blower motor resistor pack. An advice how to check/ clear the pipe of a blockage ?
  5. Ford Focus Footwell Leak

    OK. So its not been raining these past few days.... I've noticed that the leak seems to be more relevant when the aircon is switched on and running. I took the car to work with a/c running for about 45 minutes. I took the glovebox out and looked at a dark gray plastic moulded thingy located underneath (and slightly further back) from the blower motor resistor pack housing. Part of the gray plastic thingy had a triangular shaped rim and was full of clear water ( not coolant !). A few drips dropped into it and as it overflowed, began to drop into the footwell soaking into a spongy "seal" surrounding a plastic pipe which went through the metalwork of the car to the engine bay ? See the image above. I can only assume the a/c drain hose has become blocked and condensation if flowing back into system and ending up in the footwell. Any ideas how to clear the blockage ?
  6. Ford Focus Footwell Leak

    OK. I've ordered a new scuttle plate ( pollen filter cover ) in attempt to cure this problem. I understand there is a "revised" version, which I have ordered. I'm not too sure why the revised version is needed if its only the seal stops the water from getting in ? What difference will it make? My Focus is on an 02 plate and I think it would already have the revised version so perhaps it won't make any difference. If its never been changed since new, i'm sure the original one will have become degraded or warped.
  7. Ford Focus Footwell Leak

    Yep, already done this a few months ago, although i'm not entirely sure if this caused the problem in the first place. A replacement scuttle plate costs an absolute fortune, probably more than the car's worth! I'll just have keep adding some more sealant.
  8. Ford Focus Footwell Leak

    I have now posted an image here: The red dot shows where the drips "form". I've got a feeling its the pollen filter scuttle plate. I have sealed up the passenger side with black gutter sealant where the plate meets the screen, bit it hasn't cured it. I'm not sure what component the "clip" is holding together (just above the red dot in the image), but its as if the drops are forming at this point. I could be wrong, coz I can't get a better view to see exactly.
  9. spud1962

    spud1962 Ford Focus
  10. Ford Focus Footwell Leak

    My Ford Focus (2002) has a small leak in the passenger foot-well At the RHS of the foot-well, near the centre-line of the car, there is what appears to be a rectangular black plastic port. I thought it was an air vent. At first glance, the port seems to have an open aperture, but inserting fingers inside the port reveals that it is blanked off inside. This port protrudes from the floor of the car and is surrounded by carpet. Removing the top layer of carpet reveals the underlay. The port has a rubber seal around it at the point it disappears into the metalwork. Squeezing the seal , makes a small amount of water weep from it. It’s not flooded, just about a teaspoon full. Not sure how to resolve this.
  11. Electric Wing Mirrors Not Working

    Even stranger, the boot-light that was not working (see my earlier post on the same thread) has now suddenly started to work, also. So, there must be a common connection somewhere that feeds both.(mirrors & boot-light) Interesting to note, in case someone else suffers from the same issue, maybe someone can post the exact location of this junction in case it can help someone else in the future? :)
  12. Pollen Filter Change

    Thank you for your replies, guys!
  13. Pollen Filter Change

    I want to change the pollen filter on my 2002 Focus I think there are 2/3 clips on the plastic "scuttle panel" cover. The one sited nearest to the middle of the windscreen won't release by tugging at it. Is it a clip like the others or is it held down with a bolt. If so, How do I release it. Is the bolt head underneath the circular coin sized plastic "flush" panel (which seems to form part of the panel) ? I've looked at some very fuzzy vids, but can't seem to work this out. I understand I may need to reseal the panel with a new seal. Should I fit the seal to the screen first, or the panel ?
  14. Electric Wing Mirrors Not Working

    Really odd. I was driving back from work this evening and discovered the mirrors were working again. I wanted to diagnose the problem and post the resolution on-line to assist others with the same issue. Thanks to Ford for giving me a "self-healing" wiring loom! ;) I have no doubt that the fault will reappear if I celebrate too loudly !