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  1. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    I only suggested them Halfords Autocentre (not the main stores, but garage franchise), as thats where the aircon service was done (and even then I only went there as they were the preferred fixer for the third party warranty firm). They did say that they placed UV dye in as well as part of the leak test, but looks like they didnt run/pressurise the system enough to see it. However they did say that it might take a bit of time for the leak to manifest, and if it did, then they would look at it again and refill anything need free of charge. I've tried to contact my local Ford and also Halfords Autocentre, but everyone seems to be MIA for the BH. I kind of want to take it to some independent place, as I dont just want him to take it to some garage he knows and they might just do a quick fix job. Not sure if I am able to insist on where the repair is to be done. Will have to try and get in touch with the dealer again later, or at least tomorrow morning. Would be easiest to just say you take it, but would ideally like to give it back to my local ford once he has agreed to pay. Feel I am in a better position now, after readin up on my rights, just need to actually get through to him now.
  2. New Focus Clean/polish

    Defintely read the links provided above and some general how-tos on how to wash a car properly so not to add to the swirls. Basically, bare minimum is buy two buckets, two microfibre/lambs wool mitts, and use water at low pressure. Grit + Pressure (hand or jet) = the devil :) And once you start reading detailing world... man its a long road back ;)
  3. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Just been reading about the Sale of Goods Act just now (Yes, so rock and roll). I may give the Halfords Auto Centre a call too, to see what sort of costs would be involved, so that I can give that as a figure to the dealer. He might be ok about it and then I can proceed. As its in within the 3 months, he'll have to prove that the fault didn't exist at the time of sale, which will be tough, seeing as the airconditioning wasnt cold/working ie. No refridgerant or system oil = no leaks possible. I definitely want it fixed somewhere independant, in case his preferred fixer just does a bodge job to stop the leak, without properly fixing it. And if all else fails, it was bought on wifes credit card, so can try to claim from them it all turns a bit ugly. Let see how much of a nice chap the dealer actually is...
  4. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Right, so the 'normal' warranty you talk about is the 3 month one that car dealers have to provide by law? I think this is always going to be a tricky thing, so just want to make sure of what I can go back and say is the dealer liability - googling brings up so many different opinions on the matter :( Makes more sense as it would explain why I never noticed anything there before, as we only got the air con service done on Tuesday. Have to say that I'm not 100% sure of the colour. Will have to give it a drive with the AC on see what comes out. I would say its quite a pale/light colour though. Will also try and contort myself to get a better pic of the join. Well, that sounds like its going to be quite labour intensive :( Going to try and gather any information regarding what I can and cant say to the dealer and see if I can get him to cover any costs, as it was sold with functioning AC, and even though I dont mind paying for a regas, if the pipework fundamentally doesnt allow it to work properly then surely that must be something they are liable for? Really appreciate the help though - much appreciated. Jonny
  5. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Blimey that doesn't sound good. We paid £3100 for the car 2 weeks ago. That came with a 6 month third party warranty with a company called Auto Protect, and covers mechanical breakdown of listed items (of which the heater matrix is on there, but not explicitly pipework related to the heating system). I'll have a look around to see what the legislation is this 3 month warranty that they have to give different to the above. I can see the dealer saying they dont have to cover it, and I can see the third party provided just saying that its not covered. This is going to be fun :( JP
  6. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Level is still within the mix/max lines and has been driven for about a week I'd say, and the leak isnt a heavy one by any means - though I definitely know its a problem to be dealt with. Would it really be that expensive to fix that pipe? I'm guessing that they would want something to take it out etc. which seems like it would be labour intensive... Cars, gotta love them!!! JP
  7. Leaking Pipe Identification - Above Clutch Pedal

    Thanks for the replies. Well, took it for a drive for a few minutes without the aircon, and nothing coming off it when I checked after, though it was only a few minutes. it did get hot, so does seem like the heater matrix pipe. What actually is flowing through this pipe? Would it be coolant from the reservoir in the engine bay? And what is it used for? If its nothing to do with the airconditioning, then wont bother taking it back to the garage that did the aircon service, and maybe see if I can seal the join somehow. JP
  8. Hi all, Unfortunately, my first proper post is going to have to be a problem one :( Anyway, bought a second hand Focus Ghia Mk2 for my wife a few weeks back. It hadnt really been driven properly since then as we were sorting out insurance etc, but yeaterday I noticed some fluid in the drivers footwell. I traced it back, and after removing the side trim of the centre console, I (awkwardly) got a look at the pipes and electrics that are above the pedals. There seems to be a slow leak coming from the join a particualr pipe. I've added two pictures, one showing where it is in relation to the clutch pedal and one showing the join a bit more. Can anyone identify this pipe for me? Click for larger versions: Two reasons. First, I recently had the car put into Halfords Auto Centre to perform an airconditioning service, as it wasnt working when we bought the car. I hadn't noticed any discharge when we bought the car, test drove it, collected it etc, so I'm wondering if this is a leak due to the coolant/etc that had been replaced for the AC service. I left something under it overnight, and nothing, so only seems to leak when under pressure. What I haven't tried is drivng it but without using the air conditioning, so will try that later. Finally, the pipe is hot to touch when I discovered the leak, so it seems like its something to do with the heating and cooling system... Secondly, any ideas about stopping the leak? It doesn't seem to be a nut that I can tighten, but i did notice an adjacent pipe had a black plastic part over its join - does that help to hold it together? Any ideas on all the above would be great and appreciated. Many thanks Jonny
  9. First Time Ford-Er :)

    Hello all, both the wife and I have always had VAG cars, but after the wifes one started to go (its had a hard life!) I had a look round and got her a nice 05 Focus Ghia 1.6... Thought I would join as I have a few little questions about it that I'm sure you clever lot can help me with! Also, I've been driving a Seat Leon Cupra R for the last 4 years, and have decided that it might be time to get a more economical car. I was so impressed with the cabin, general build quality and steering in the focus that I've started looking into other Fords that might suit me - will be browsing the relevant sections and probably ask some opinions in the end. See you about Jonny
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums jonathan_phang :)

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      Cheers Steve. Appreciated