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  1. thought it was gonna be the bearing at the top of the suspension but nope... that would be constant in both directions and yours seems to be only when steering right ie past straight forward rather than just when turning the steering wheel right.... So wear/damage on a component that only comes into play past that point.... I'd axle stand/jack the front end and remove the wheels and look for damage, failing that get someone to turn the wheel while you listen close enough to find the source of the click...
  2. Turns out the MAF was faulty, broke the gauge trying to get rid of/dim the 12 megawatt blue LED so I can't check when the boost kicks it but... Set off to drop the wife at work and almost got back-ended due to the lack of acceleration, always feels worse on cold days but it really felt like I was towing a double decker bus that day... so when I dropped her off I popped the hood and disconnected the MAF... and proceeded to leave half the front tyres on the road outside my wife's workplace... I guess I'd got used to giving it a good kick to try and get her rolling... Quick visit to scrapyard and £25 for MAF and the pipe between the MAF and the turbo (parts Ford wanted about £400 for) and she's back to accelerating like a 1.4TDCI rather than an asthmatic snail towing a house brick... Had to get the parts off a 1.4 citroen C3 as they'd all been robbed off the Fords and peugeots with the same engine. Had to remove the battery for a while to reset the engine warning light from running without a MAF.
  3. He's in a rush to join the chain bar congestion... will this road work ever end?? :(
  4. I T'd off of the waste gate actuator line. What power the engine is giving is at about 2500RPM same as before I fitted the boost gauge.
  5. October Compilation - took a while then I had to redo due to copyright hit on some crap song on the radio
  6. not a compilation but... yeah! I luv Bradford... replaced link with fixed audio version
  7. I removed the irritating whine from the B40/A118C mic by equalising ~5900Hz as low as possible.
  8. still not kicking in early enough I think... anywayz here's what the boost is up to...
  9. yeah! fixed it!! I was nosing around the engine compartment (routing the pipe for my boost gauge, dianostics only, gonna be behind the dash most of it's life) and near this doodat I found an electrical connector... anyways plugged... connected my new OBD2 wifi adapter and cleared the error... fixed! well so far no light....
  10. ...and they switched the lines around and reset the error...and it came back,,, So I cleaned the EGR myself (It's the vacuum actuator type) and got them to reset the error... fingers crossed... ...and nope light is back on... FFS
  11. ...and the light is back... just gonna get them to clean the egr for me... weather is too crap now for DIY mechanics without a garage...
  12. I think I might of found the problem... seems the mechanic forgot to re-attach 2 air/vacuum lines... they should go to this thing between the battery and the back of the near side headlight.... got the garage to work out which one goes to where and reset the fault through obd.
  13. :( keeps throwing an EGR fault saying the reading is out of range, the garage who fitted the clutch have reset a couple of times they seemed to think it was getting triggered by multiple stalls while the mechanic & I were getting used to the really low biting point, but I haven't stalled it once since the last reset. Drove around for 10mins light stayed off, parked at my folks house, had a coffee and a chat... and the light was on when I restarted the car :( Banged/broke a sensor or knocked the carbon deposits loose fitting the clutch is my wild and uneducated guess... opinions/guesses?
  14. I used to work near those lights, in SS Audio, Sony Centre & Gerrards. After market head unit installed... my to-do list is shrinking quickly...
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