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  1. Buying A Focus, Advise Please

    Well im going to pick up my car tomorrow, i decided on a 2009 1.6 petrol Titanium in black. It has done 20600 miles and i got it for £8000. Is this a reasonable price or do you think i should knock it down some more. Jamie
  2. Buying A Focus, Advise Please

    Hi Andy Do you know how many miles you are getting from a full tank. Im just curious what the actual difference is between the 1.6 petrol and diesel. I will get a picture up once i get one. Jamie
  3. Buying A Focus, Advise Please

    Thanks a lot for all your advise ill be viewing the car sometime this week
  4. Buying A Focus, Advise Please

    Thanks for the advise guys, i hope to view the car sometime this week. Lenny you say your going to remove the dpf, will this have any effect on performance or fuel economy or is it purely to reduce emissons ? Jamie
  5. Hi Can anyone help me please, i am looking to buy a focus 1.6TDCi Titanium on an 08 plate and was wondering if they have bluetooth connectivity and USB connection as standard. Is there anything i should look out for when inspecting the car, they seem pretty solid and reliable to me. Any advise will be much appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums JFY :)