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  1. Fault Code P2187

    Could not find anything to clean in the crankcase breather. The sound goes away when pulling oil dipstick so it seems that I have to replace the oil filter housing. Has anyone done that, is it difficult? How many hours does it take to do the job for an experienced car mechanic? How much oil do I have to refill? Thanks for all advise. BR Fredrik
  2. Fault Code P2187

    Thank you for your answers. I will first try to clean the crankcase ventilation. If anyone have a fault-code list I would appreciate if you could post them to me. BR Fredrik
  3. Fault Code P2187

    Hi, I have a strange sound in my s-max when the engine is running at 800rpm and the car i standing still. The sound is more difficult to hear at higher rpm. The sound disappears when I remove the oil filler cap from the engine. I suspect the crankcase ventilation. The engine lamp also shows up now and I can read fault code P2187. Someone recognize the problem? I have looked all over for a fault code list but I can not find anyone, anyone who knows where to find one? Or at least what P2187 indicate? BR Fredrik
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums FredrikH :)