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  1. Happy Birthday jgilmour93!

  2. Standard Ford 17" alloys in Panther Black gloss finish on my Fiesta Metal
  3. Rear Diffuser Mk7 And Mk6

    Ano the hard thing is gettin them without having to pay for the full rear end of the car lol
  4. Rear Diffuser Mk7 And Mk6

    Ha I'm looking this weekend at my local breakers and scrap yards to look around to see what I can salvage and clean up to use! I can post up if I find anything worth sharing and see if its worth anything to you as we're both searching for the same thing lol ;)
  5. Rear Diffuser Mk7 And Mk6

    Looking for the rear valance diffuser from a Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S or Fiesta Mk6 Zetec S with diffuser fins as I'm looking to make a few mods to my own rear diffuser and wanna start with used ones first to try out! Looking to buy of course! Cheers
  6. Fiesta Metal

    Could you post images mate? To see them cos I've seen a few out there! Cheers
  7. Fiesta Metal

    Hopefully these will show this time!!! :))))
  8. Fiesta Metal

    Cleaned the Metal and thought I'd share it with you guys!! . . . . . . . Also added a few mods like the white LEDs on reg plate: And the red LED footwell lights: Would love some feedback so far on the mods and looking to buy the mountune ms spoiler extention to liven up the rear of the car! Anyone have it already installed have some news on it? Also looking to buy and fit the eyelids to the front lights to make the face of the car stand out more!!!
  9. My Fiesta S1600 (134) Slightly Pic Heavy

    Love the car! Got myself a Metal Edition. How did you go about doing the blue footwell lighting inside the car? Looking to get red in mines to suit the lighting on the dashboard and screen! Cheers
  10. lovin the side grills im with you guys shiny black too!!
  11. Ford Metal Mountune?

    I also have the metal and was considering the mountune upgrade but there is not much you can do to the metal to change its appearance as it look pretty fierce and even better when you pull up next to some punks who have a standard titanium! only thing I would ever change is to add the focus rs500 style rear valance diffuser from puma speed site. But good luck with the cars gents!!!! http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Ford-Fiesta-Mk7-Zetec-S-2009-Rear-Valance-Diffuser-by-Stoffler_1038.jsp
  12. Mk7 Fiesta Using Alot Of Fuel.

    i have a mk7 fiesta myself but it is a 1.6 petrol. although it is a petrol it too use up a lot in my journeys and i was gong to take it t ford but i was told by family and friends that they will pick out any things which you will not need fixed and charge you through the nose for it! take it to a local or trusted garage or dealer as they will not charge you as much or even get quoted from ford first before going ahead with it!!
  13. any comments on the ford fiesta metal, bought the car few weeks ago and runs a beauty!!
  14. new member!! got the ford fiesta metal 134ps and need some tips and advice on it?

  15. Welcome to the Ford forums jgilmour93 :)

    1. jgilmour93


      cheers all new to this but gotta start somewhere!!