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  1. Car is being repaired after someone drove into the back of me last week ! (Only had it a week)

  2. Disabling Auto Wipers For Good

    Interesting reading your comments above. Yes, I tend to agree with some thoughts that treat the 'auto' setting as an intermittent setting and let the 'car' decide. Am I right in saying the sensitivety is adjusted with the wheel on the stick ? (Again, apologies. No manual supplied - does anyone have a link to get a pdf ?) Which is the most sensitive ? With the wheel up or down ? Thanks for any help. As for the auto lights, well, the jury is still out on this with me. In a way its best to be over sensistive with the lighting conditions. So many cars are driving around with the lights on during the day, no one takes much notice. (Memories of years gone by when you got an insecent amount of flashing from people who dared to have their lights on outside the lighting up period). Driving in foggy or misty condition, well, God forbid this is hard work, I have to override the feature by turning the switch a notch ! LOL
  3. Disabling Auto Wipers For Good

    My biggest concern with the auto wipers system is the day I forget to make sure the wipers are not iced onto the windscreen one frosty morning. Get into the car, switch on, then the wipers attempts to clear screen but get ripped off the stalks. I am guessing 40 to 50 quid for replacements as they are 'intelligent' wipers ??? Appear to be a bit hit and miss when they work, havent quite sussed it yet. The manual supplied with the car is so out of date.
  4. Buyer Beware It Seems !

    All good advice, thanks guys. I will persue the DAB side once I get this second key from them. Apparently its still in Coventry ! On the down side though,only had the car a week and someone drove into the back of me last night whilst waiting at a junction. Sods law, call it what you like, but heartbreaking none the less. Almost certainly an insurance job though the lass who went into the back of me has asked for numbers to protect her insurance. New rear stoneguard spoiler and new rear crash guard bar plus fitting. Tiny bit of touch up paint. She hit me doing maybe 10mph or less. she has a broken number plate !!
  5. Buyer Beware It Seems !

    OK, I refuse to make this a name and shame post, more of an awareness when buying a car. You know it was Northampton, for now that will do. I take on board all your comments above and agree, its almost impossible to test and check everything before you buy, especially with cars being so complex these days. I have made the used car department aware the item that is not supplied with the car is on the webpage(s) and they have said they will look into it. DAB is an optional extra as is several other items - keyless, leather, metallic, etc. Like I said, its an amazing car, it is a shame the site were not a little more sympathetic towards my request of, "you know you said there is a DAB module in the car as per the webpage, how does it work", thinking it had been switched off in the menus. Buyer beware.
  6. Buyer Beware It Seems !

    Recently purchased as 1 year old Fiesta 1.4TDCi Titatnium from the Ford Hypermarket in Northampton. The spec on the web page said that the car had a DAB digital module fitted. Ineed, most of the Titatnium cars for sale had this on the spec. I asked the sales guy about the DAB system and he said yes, its Ford's way of future proofing entertainment systems for when and if the analog is switched off. Good selling point me thinks. Bought the car, but hinsight, I should have asked for a demonstration. Checked the manuals supplied, but no indication of any DAB system, indeed the guide was not up to date as I had the new Sony head fitted which was not the one shown in the guide supplied. After scratching my head for nearly a week, I finally gave up and went back to the garage and service centre. The guy in the service centre knew my problem as he had taken delivery of a Fiesta the previous week for his wife and was struggling to find the DAB settings himself. The service manager checked both my registration and the service centre guys registration to find that it was not fitted and that it was an optional extra that was not fitted on either on the cars, even though the webpage suggested that they were. It appears the rule is that they can print whatever they like on a webpage to sell the car, but once you sit in the car, its up to the buyer to check its all there. If I had purchased the car over the phone, it would have been different apparently and I could have either taken the car back for a refund or sorted the problem out. Its a shame as the car is amazing. So, let that be a lesson to you all when buying a car. CHECK EVERYTHING on the description ! Jim
  7. Retune Sony Dab Radio

    Hi, ok, thanks guys, yes, you are right, it is the standard one. Annoying as the Hypermarket web page selling the car said that it was sold with a DAB module, but it isnt there. Moaned at the car sales manager that this shouldnt have been on the webapge, he then rattled off that when you purchase the car having sat in the car and not bought it over the phone, you are effectively 'sold as seen'. Not too happy about that, but there you go. Its a buyer beware point. They can put whatever they like on the sale description, its up to the buyer to check its there. Lesson learnt. Jim
  8. Retune Sony Dab Radio

    Hi Mark, Have you got anywhere with the DAB radio in your Fiesta ? Struggling to get to grips with it to be honest. Can only see 4 frequency options on display, FM FM-AST AM and AM-AST. No sign of DAB-1 or DAB-2. I notice on the FM tunings, TEXT appears occasionally on the display which tells me the DJ and sometimes the nameof the track and artist if pressed. Jim
  9. Hi, Yep, now the happy owner of a 1 year old Fiesta. Any clues on where to get a new handbook that includes the SONY DAB 'entertainment' system ? The car comes with a basic owners manual with several bits in the car not included. Thnks in advance, Jim
  10. New Owner Of 1.4Tdci Titanium, 1 Year Old.

    Hi, Thank you for getting back to me. Can you 'guide' me to where this is please ? (New to forum, sorry) Jim
  11. Hi, What a wonderful car ! 10 years ago I said I would never own another Ford, now I cant see myself owning any other !! Nice one Ford. My Fiesta is fitted with the Sony DAB stereo system. I have been looking for a user manual online - the owners manual does not cover sadly. Any clues where I can get it ? Bit puzzled regarding the DAB side. I can tune easily using the FM frequencies, no problems. I am guessing the FM AST band are for local strong frequencies ? Where is the DAB side ? Or am I missing something ? Maybe the manual will help ! Thanks in advance for any assistance. Jim
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Jimbob27 :)